Holidays and nights


    For those of you and yours who can’t come home to Colorado to experience all the holiday charm this square state has to offer: Take heart. We can send a sample of Coloradical joie de vivre to those who must do without.

    Of course, the best thing possible is to load  yourself or your loved ones on a plane and get here before the ski resorts spill over with people or all the best shows have already run and closed.

    But Colorado has become much more than just a place to come and play. The art, the recreation tackle, food and definitely the beer and whiskey Colorado cranks out begs to be packed or shipped to spread the cheer.

    We offer you, in this issue, a few suggestions of what you might tuck under the Colorado Christmas tree you go chop down yourself. Or many of these treats are perfect to ship across the country to your friends and family who gnash their teeth in envy at your good fortune to be able to have a real live Rocky Mountain Christmas.

    The holidays in the mile-high region are much more than fun and games, if that’s even possible.

    After you’ve had the last office holiday party platter you can stand or the absolutely the last drive-through burger that is all you have time for, peruse our picks for Colorado cuisine that you can’t miss before the bells ring in 2018.

    And if you’re on the couch right now thumbing through all the Netflix movies you’ve already watched and wondering if there’s some better way to spend a Friday night, there is.

    Read on and go on a date with staffer Bobby Reyes at a local bowling alley. Or find out what your neighbors are fed up with inside staff Kara Mason’s tale about life in the HOA.

    Staffer Brandon Johansson brings you news about how to blow air up your dog’s nose if he has a heart attack. And staff writer Ramsey Scott gambles with spending more than an hour in Colorado’s nearby mountain casino towns.

    Finish the season off with a sample of real German Gluehwein or make some of your own when the real cold weather settles in.