POLITIBLOG: NARAL, MoveOn.org deliver petitions to Denver Post demanding Gardner endorsement retraction


DENVER | Members of the Colorado chapter of the NARAL and MoveOn.org have gathered in the front of the Denver Post building Tuesday morning in Downtown Denver, demanding the paper retract its recent endorsement of Republican Cory Gardner for U.S. Senate.

Protesters said they are delivering boxes containing more than 12,000 signatures demanding the retraction. It’s unclear whether the signatures are all from Colorado residents.

The newspaper made its own headlines in national publications two weeks ago when it endorsed the two-term Republican from northern Colorado. The Post’s editorial board chose Gardner over incumbent Democrat Mark Udall.

NARAL and MoveOn.org protesters at the Denver Post building Oct. 28. Photo from Twitter/NARALBoth organizations have been part of social media campaigns to rebuke the Denver newspaper for its Senate choice, and drop newspaper subscriptions. The Post has not said how many subscriptions have been cancelled over the Oct. 10 endorsement.

The Denver Post has for years endorsed candidates for major offices from both parties, but Gardner’s ties to conservative Tea Party leaders and issues was seen by some pundits, moderates and liberals as a death knell for a newspaper endorsement that considers itself politically moderate on its opinion page.

Gardner has also been endorsed by The Colorado Springs Gazette, The Greeley Tribune, The Pueblo Chieftan and The Grand Junction Sentinel.

Udall has been endorsed by The Aurora Sentinel, The Durango Herald and The Steamboat Pilot.

The Fort Collins Coloradoan said it did not endorse in the Senate race because Gardner would not participate in an editorial board endorsement meeting. Newspapers in Vail, Longmont, Boulder, Aspen and Dillon also have not endorsed in the race.

Former Aurora state lawmaker Karen Middleton is NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado executive director.



  1. … “The Denver Post has for years endorsed candidates for major offices from both parties” …
    What “years” was that?
    The last time the DP endorsed a major candidate that wasn’t a Democrat was in 2004 – G. Bush. Since then they have not endorsed any Republican candidates in a major election. Gardner represents Coloradans and Udall represents his party and the Obama administration. Its about time the Denver Post showed at least some objectiveness.
    This “petition” was created by a left wing organization not anywhere near “moderate”, they support the far left including Udall. The newspaper is exercising it’s free speech/press right to endorse the candidate of it’s choice, this “petition” is mob rule type tactics.

  2. Moveon.org, and Votevet.org are hardly non-partisan. I was Secretary of UVC (non-partisan) representing 53 Veterans Organizations in Colorado 2001-2005 , when Votevet.org attended and applied for membership to UVC. Their membership , to my knowledge from research on net and their website, is very partisan, supporting Democratic candidates. They do not speak for me (I have 26 years 18 days of service 1950-1976) Honorable Retirement, or my peers, many who are now deceased. I doubt those petitions are all from Colorado. United Veterans Committee of Colorado (UVC) represents 50 plus veteran-retiree organizations in Colorado and does not endorse any candidate, though we hold candidate forum each election year, invite candidates (non-partisan) and those who accept invitation appear and make their pitch. And the individual Retiree-Veteran organizations in Colorado do not endorse any candidate, being non-partisan. .

  3. I’m sorry, but why are the extreme views of fringe left wing groups, like NARAL and MoveOn.org even relevant? It’s not like either of these groups ever thought of those of us in the center. I think the editorial board of the Denver Post got the pulse of the voters right in this particular endorsement.

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