QUIDNUNC: The Colorado Springs Gazette is firing shots again at Aurora’s cowboy hotel


QUID HAS HEARD that the VA may or not have gone to the window, opened it and said they were mad as hell and they’re not going to take it anymore! Of course, we’re merely inserting our favorite “Network” line into the VA Secretary Robert McDonald’s mouth, but that surely sounded like their sentiment this week when McDonald chided Aurora’s very own congressman, Mike Coffman, for picking on the beleaguered agency. One. More. Time.

“I ran a large company sir, what have you done?” McDonald said during testimony in Coffman’s subcommittee on the Hill in Washington D.C.

QuidBadge5.16.12Of course, Coffman has run for several different local, state and federal offices successfully — including the race of his life in November — so it’s fair to say that he’s been around the block once or twice.

But McDonald was referring specifically to the comment that Coffman made during the meeting, implying that McDonald wouldn’t be successful in his role as VA secretary while President Obama was in office.

Anyone familiar with the onerous affair with Aurora’s VA hospital would know that Coffman’s favorite target for the hospital’s misgivings is Obama, because of course it is.  But blasting the incoming secretary 6 months into his job and turning the argument into a petty political platform is bunk. Coffman knows well that the problems with the VA hospital started well before his term, and will likely continue well past his term too.

Take it from us, Coffman: give the man some time to come around on important issues. It only took you six years and one redistricting to get right on immigration, give this guy at least a few more months.

QUID HAS HEARD the Colorado Springs Gazette is firing shots at Aurora’s cowboy hotel because they don’t have a massive water slide that is visible from space, or something.

A recent Gazette story quoted Aurora’s tax subsidy at $800 million (it’s not, it’s actually half that) and that it was the largest taxpayer check scripted in Colorado’s history (it isn’t).  This isn’t the first time Colorado Springs has fired shots at the program, and it has a lot to do with the fact that the state commission that dangled $90 million in state tax breaks didn’t give a Springs project the time of day.

Cool it, Colorado Springs Gazette. Your paper, although invisible in the metro area, is transparent in its attacks. If anyone gets to make fun of our cowboy hotel, it’s us.  Beat it.



  1. So Quid, do your calculations [$400 million] include the Brighton School District’s property tax, the Adams County’s property tax and other property taxes that total 127.416 miles given to Gaylord for 33 years by the AURA? And does your calculation include the enhanced sales tax, the enhanced lodger tax, the enhanced admission tax and the property tax for Gaylord’s GID? Or are you saying they don’t count because they are not from Aurora?

    Seems like an incentive that gives away more than 100% of the tax revenue that Aurora could collect for 33 years is simply bad public policy.

    Quid, you can be quite droll when sticking to water cooler talk but when you venture into poking fun at others you lose your edge.

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