DUPUY: The GOP Wants Fewer People to Vote for Them


The Republican primary has been over for months now but it’s hard to tell. The presumptive nominee (I’ll get to stop writing that phrase in a couple of weeks … hopefully), Mitt Romney, is still campaigning like he’s trying to convince his own party he’s Mr. Right, Mr. Right-Enough—or in his case Mr. Right…Now.

“What America is not is a collective where we all work in a kibbutz,” Romney said at a fundraiser in Chicago this week. “Instead it’s individuals pursuing their dreams and building successful enterprises which employ others and they become inspired as they see what has happened in the place they work and go off and start their own enterprises.”

America, not a collective: Not a place where people work together, according to Romney. Just a place where bosses are untethered by the shackles of pensions, environmental concerns or worker safety regulations so they can create magical towers of tax-free enterprise which “employs others.”

Willard M. Romney, the Everyman.

Romney is not trying to be popular; he’s running for president on the Republican ticket. He’s still trying to get Republicans to like him and Republicans now make up less than 35 percent of Americans. Reaching outside of their “big tent,” Romney spoke at an National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) event, and after being booed by the crowd he explained it was because the attendees at the NAACP event want free stuff. He loves free stuff (like tax-free!) but finds it distasteful in people not clever enough to borrow money from their parents for college.

Romney’s international tour was of a whopping three countries. Notably at least one didn’t boo him. In the immortal words of George W. Bush, “Don’t forget Poland!”

Romney doesn’t appear to be trying to win the support of the majority of Americans (or the world for that matter). He appears to be playing for the affections of a few key shareholders. Romney is a niche candidate of a tiny percent of Americans who think working for a living describes what your money does for you.

Let’s take stock of the groups Republicans are no longer attempting to appeal to: Wage earners. Women in their child-bearing years. People with pre-existing conditions. Unions. Public workers. The unemployed. Monogamous gay couples. The under-employed. Moderate Republicans. Muslims. Latinos. Oh and independent voters. We’re not going to see a “Romney Democrats” group pop up before November, save maybe a political wonk’s Halloween party.

Romney is nominee no one really likes. Fewer people will vote for Mitt. The only chance for a mediocre candidate to win the majority of votes is for fewer votes to be counted. Voter ID laws have become vogue in states like Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, South Carolina and Indiana. All of a sudden the Grand Old Party is concerned about voter fraud, even though the Republican National Lawyer Association can only point to 311 cases in the last decade. Other estimates put the number in the tens.

Way more Americans have won gold medals than have voted fraudulently. So Republicans must “fix” this non-problem (in places which just so happen to swing states/counties/districts) by making it as difficult as possible to cast a ballot.

On ABC’s This Week, Washington Post columnist George Will called early voting “deplorable” because it interferes with campaigning. The horror! You know what interferes with voting? Having a j-o-b. Early voting is the easiest way for blue-collar workers to be able to have their vote counted. Less early voting, fewer people who earn a paycheck at the polls. And that’s deplorable if you’re a Republican in the 2012 election cycle.

Republicans are working very hard to get fewer votes. Instead of stacking the deck, they’re just trying to disenfranchise all the cards who disagree with them (you know, the majority of the country). It’s a reasonable strategy as their presumptive nominee (gah!) brands himself as the small government/voting bloc candidate who likes being able to fire people.


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  1. There is a voter suppression crisis in our country. Tina hits the nail on the head and there should be headlines about this in every major newspaper and nightly news station. Cable news should be spending time on it. But guess what? The so-called LIBRUL media, is not even reporting on this, even though millions know about it.
    First, because the LIBRUL media lie is one of the most important lies for the rethugs. Without it facts are facts and can’t be discounted, but, because the LIBRUL media reported it, you can believe all the lies on hate-wing radio and faux news?
    Second, there is a Goebbels style propaganda machine out there and they are getting so many people, (even ones that should not be that stupid) agreeing to hurt themselves financially, medically and religiously. Hate-wing radio is 24/7 hate Obama. Faux news? is the same. NBC thinks that because the put a couple of Progressives on at night for ratings, that their straight news needs to echo rethug talking points.
    Third, if there was a LIBRUL media, Obama would have an 80% approval rating, there would be almost no teabaggers in congress and our economy would be healthy and homeowners would have been significantly helped instead of punished.
    Rethugs are going to steal this election like when bush got appointed, then hundreds of thousands of votes just disappeared into thin air in swing states. (Not enough evidence to investigate, (huh?) only hundreds of thousands, some analysts think it could even be more then a million votes, but DON”T LET SOMEONE NAMED JOSE VOTE, HE MIGHT BE AN ILLEGAL! ~ besides, those people vote Democrat!!!!!!) 
    So know that when you vote rethug, you are voting to prevent people from voting, billionaires getting to game the system even more while middle class gets punished, huge deficits that they make enormous but then criticize the dems for trying to fix them, lower wages, no health care, no equal rights and no pensions, just stock market gambling that you have 1/100th the flexibility that they have. I know who to blame for the problems our country has. Too bad so-called Christians won’t take responsibility in the party of responsibility, the rethuglicon party.

  2. You have got to be kidding me. You cannot cash a check, buy alcohol, drive, check out a book from a library, attend certain movies without a picture ID, yet the movement to require ID for voting is voter suppression? Really? If you want to see a heinous example of an attempt to suppress votes you need look no further than the current administration’s lax enforcement of a Federal law designed to make or overseas military gets to vote…,that is an example of vote suppression aimed at group (more than any other who has earned their right to vote) that votes strongly Republican.

    Given that our Society requires state-issued identification to do just about anything, the insinuation that requiring identification to vote is voter suppression is truly ridiculous. The “translation” for this allegation is: “we want some people who are not eligible to vote to vote because we believe that these votes favor our party….” ala Kennedy/Nixon 1960 . When you folks crying about identification requirements start screaming about the military vote issue, you will begin to convince me that your concerns are more than regurgitation of a DNC talking point.

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