QUIDNUNC: Cary Kennedy drives slowly into the future of Colorado politics


QUID HAS HEARD that Denver Deputy Mayor Cary Kennedy may not be on the road to winning the next gubernatorial race in Colorado, but she’s definitely onto something big.

Kennedy, who puts the bleeding heart in liberal in a town that nearly rivals San Francisco for sheer love of hugs and do-gooderism, was among the growing number of politicos recently staking their claim to the governor’s race. Your’s truly points out here that blessed event isn’t for nearly two years. How to compete with a popular congressman and famous district attorney for attention? Problem solved by getting her pal into the car with a smart phone broadcasting the ride home from her daughter’s Denver school on Facebook Live. While she marveled mostly over the serious education woes Colorado faces, viewers, pundits and social media trolls marveled over how weird and potentially dangerous the stunt was. 9News reporters Brandon Rittiman and Kyle Clark nearly dedicated a special report to the shenanigans, prompting plenty of yucks but probably not many bucks for Campaign Kennedy. While Quid was among those watching Kennedy flirt with a California Stop at one sign and snort over her dashboard covered with sticky note talking points, your faithful hack endorses the concept and can’t wait for new additions. Driving a car is so pedestrian. Quid wants to see Congressman Mike Coffman talking VA benefits while he defuses a live bomb on Facebook Live. Arapahoe County DA George Brauchler, who just posted a video to launch his bid for Colorado governor, needs to base jump off those beautiful mountains in his video background while he explains how we’re going to pave the roads in gold and cut taxes in half. And Congressman Ed Perlmutter, who did nothing but appear among adoring throngs? The famous cartwheeler must now talk about Wall Street reform while riding a real and not political bull in the Pueblo rodeo, doing the Facebook Live selfie. It’s going to be the best election ever.

AND QUID HAS HEARD that there are serious lessons to be learned in all the fun dragging United through its own stupidity in its handling of Flight 3411’s overbooking episode from hell. Your faithful servant sees how efficient the argument over who would leave the plane was settled. Let’s try it everywhere, starting at the state Capitol. Got that committee meeting where lawmakers just won’t yield to the rest or common sense. Boom. Chicago police does the Fort Collins Face Down Dance with them and then drags them out into the House or Senate Lobby. That dude with 42 items in his buggy as he budges into the only open Wal Mart express lane? He’ll be wearing those nasty sweat pants around his ankles as the blessed Chicago Police make us all a greater United country once again.