Janet Buckner to seek appointment for late husband’s state House seat


AURORA | Janet Buckner announced Wednesday afternoon that she wants to be considered for the Colorado House seat vacancy created after the May 28 death of her husband, John W. Buckner.

A Democratic Party vacancy committee will be meeting later this summer to consider candidates to be appointed to House District 40. John Buckner died after a brief bout with the inflammatory disease sarcoidosis. He was 67.

Janet Buckner issued a statement Wednesday declaring her appreciation for the many well-wishers and friends who have expressed support after John’s passing last month.

“We are so thankful for the outpouring of love and support over the last few weeks – from John’s family, friends, colleagues, former students, and the community as a whole,” Janet Buckner’s statement read. “Your support has meant so much to our family during this difficult time.

 “My husband John was a true public servant. He spent his entire life helping others – his passion for policies that advance education and equity for all people guided his every decision,” her statement continued. “As his wife and life partner for 45 years, I know how deeply he cared about these issues, and how hard he worked every day to improve the lives of people in our community.”

 Janet and John Buckner moved to Aurora in 1975 and lived here ever since, with John spending most of his career as an educator and administrator with Cherry Creek Schools District. John was principal at Overland High School for many years, and the gymnasium was named after him in recent years.

Janet said her decision to seek to fill her late husband’s seat is rooted in a desire to give back to the community by serving the same people who trusted and elected him to the Legislature.

“House District 40 has lost an unparalleled leader and advocate, and I am committed to carrying on John’s legacy of making sure every child has access to a quality education and the opportunity to succeed,” Janet Buckner’s statement read. “I am dedicated to honoring my husband and fulfilling the trust that the people of Aurora have put in him to work on their behalf. … we raised our family here, and became part of the community.”


  1. I was hoping this would be a pursuit of Janet Buckner’s. She shares so many of her late husband’s attributes such as intelligence, honesty, a genuine caring for others, and a strong passion for the issues that are of upmost importance to Coloradans. Janet would be excellent in this position! I wish her the very best in this pursuit!

    • Greatful for the time you shared your husband and God bless you,strengthen you and grant you the desires of your heart.

  2. Yay! This is wonderful news! Janet is the epitome of grace and kindness and thoughtfulness. She will make a wonderful legislator, and I know her husband would be very proud of her! Hurray!

  3. Hi Janet. So sorry for your loss. I remember when we both worked at Xerox as if it were yesterday. I am so excited that you are picking up the gaunlet. I wish you all the luck in the world. Knowing you I have no doubt that you will win this seat. God Bless.

  4. What a great article to read Janet and this is wonderful news! I wish you nothing but the best life has to offer you and hopefully you will be appointed/elected this position and I’m sure you will handle it with pride and dignity and grace! I agree with someone else’s post that read “Janet is the epitome of grace and kindness and thoughtfulness”! I read that post and I couldn’t agree more! Sending many warm wishes, thoughts and prayers your way! God Bless You Janet! Brenda

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