City files appeal in commission’s ruling to reinstate fired Aurora cop


AURORA | An Arapahoe County judge will now decide whether an Aurora police officer filed for violating several department policies should get his job back.

In an appeal filed Monday morning, Aurora City Attorney Charlie Richardson argues that the city’s Civil Service Commission erred when they reinstated Officer Chris Falco earlier this month.

Falco, 42, was fired in March for several infractions — including calling a man he shot a “marshmallow head,” and berating a 17-year-old girl after a traffic stop.

In his appeal, Richardson said the commission overstepped its authority when it ruled not only that Falco should be reinstated, but that he should receive counseling at the city’s expense.

A court date for the appeal has not yet been scheduled.

Matt Cain, administrator for the Civil Service Commission, said commissioners had not yet seen the appeal.

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