AURORA | The Aurora prep sports schedule for Thursday, Aug. 31, 2017.
Restrictions on the exercise of constitutional rights by the law-abiding is not the answer to ending violence or evil. Our government should be advancing the ability of law-abiding citizens to defend themselves and their loved ones from violent attack. That is why I support concealed carry laws
Senator Gardner has a choice. He does not need to pit Medicaid populations against one another. But if he votes to cut $756 billion from the Medicaid program, he will be choosing to do just that
Maybe a hectic lifestyle has prevented you from marking it on your calendar; but July 12 is the bicentennial of the birth of essayist, poet, abolitionist, philosopher, naturalist, surveyor and historian Henry David Thoreau
The House of Representatives tried twice to approve a repeal and replace bill and scraped by with a four-vote margin.It’s been downhill ever since in the Senate where Majority Leader Mitch McConnell promised action before the Fourth of July break only to back off because he was unable to round up 50 votes
On three consecutive days, The New York Times has written bombshell stories on Donald Trump Jr.’s June 9 meeting with the Kremlin-connected Russian lawyer who was said to be offering damaging information about Hillary Clinton. And each day, the stories have gotten more and more explosive
f the Senate bill passes next week, this tax cut for the wealthy disguised as a health care improvement will risk us all. If you rely on your job to give you health care, if you have family members you care for and want to protect with health insurance, this bill will undermine your ability to provide for and protect your family
While discussions on this topic continue, we must respect the Constitution as well as the right of Coloradans to make their own decisions on matters that are purely within the jurisdiction to the State of Colorado, and I will continue to do everything in my power to ensure that the federal government will respect our states’ rights and sovereignty
I think it's about time Perry and the Aurora Education Association stop defending their colossal mistake and recognize the very obvious reality — Wildman is an embarrassment to Aurora Public Schools, and it is time she resigns
How do I dare compare my 80-year-old life and challenges with any of these who now parade before me, some facing new issues as they age? Others living, or having lived, lives full of loss or trauma, or not lived at all?

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