For now, the bikes are largely limited to the Aurora city limits. If someone drives from Aurora across the border into Denver they can leave the bike, but a representative from one of the companies will likely hustle over there, pick it up and return it to Aurora. Denver, which has its own B-Cycle bike share program, has not issued permits for the dockless companies Aurora has. 
“What inspired it more than anything is stamina. Healthcare is going through the most dramatic changes since the mid 1970s,” Stith said. “My conclusion was the stamina this center needs from its director, I can’t quite give that anymore. I just don’t have the physical capability of doing 60 hour weeks, week in and week out like I did. That’s what it’s going to need for the next couple of years, that real high-energy and attention to all the changes (in the healthcare field) to make this center continue to be on the cutting edge.”
Council members Francoise Bergan, Dave Gruber, Angela Lawson, Crystal Murillo and Bob Roth voted against the measure, many citing personal liberty as the driver for their “no” vote. Two weeks ago at a city council meeting, the council unanimously approved the measure
Mary Kay Hogan, the district’s lobbyist, broke down what to expect from the Legislature during the Jan. 9 APS board meeting. Gov. John Hickenlooper has proposed putting about $70 million toward education to buy down the so called negative factor, the term used to describe the difference between what the state is mandated to spend on education by Amendment 23 and what it actually funds. 
The district saw an influx of money primarily due to an increase in property tax evaluations, increasing revenues by about $8 million. While APS had predicted property values would increase by nine percent, the district saw an increase of 17 percent when evaluations were made last year. 
State lawmakers say roads and schools will dominate legislature this year, pundit says showboating will be all the rage in the General Assembly
The murder conviction alone could carry a 48-year sentence for Christopher Tarr, 42, but he could also face additional time for DUI, reckless driving, careless driving and vehicular homicide counts. He is scheduled for sentencing Jan. 25.
In just six months, Fernando Gray’s friendly southern drawl has become something of a fixture at Aurora’s fire stations.
Paulalengan was awarded the Project NEXT Viewers Choice Award at the Denver Film Festival in November for her short film, “Dear People.” 
Nine kids have taken their own lives as of November, according to Aurora police, as of November, compared to just two in 2016 and 2015. The number of youths who attempted suicide so far in 2017 was 21, compared to 17 in 2016 and 13 in 2015

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