"If you look at a 1-year-old dog, he's sexually mature," says veterinarian Dr. Marty Becker. "They still have a little filling out to do and they're not completely mentally mature, but they're full adult size and capable of reproducing."
"People will come and volunteer with us and most of them have never been around pigs," says Jen Reid, manager of Marshall's Piggy Paradise at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah. "They go away smitten."
Jesmer, with help from the Evans Fire Protection District, was able to crawl under the home and hook a net around the dog, pulling her out
The city Health Department announced Wednesday that it registered 1,127 dogs named Bella and 1,073 named Max in 2015.
Animal welfare advocates urge pet owners living at the edge of wildland to learn as much as they can about being safe and responsible neighbors to lions and coyote and bears
"None of us love the procedure," said Richard Goldstein, a veterinarian at New York City's Animal Medical Center and a former faculty member at Cornell University's College of Veterinary Medicine. "But when the alternative is condemning the cat to a shelter or to death? That's why we do it."
For the past three years, Piccone has dedicated her law practice to helping animals. Whether it’s a pooch caught in the middle of a messy divorce, a friendly elderly Auroran with a heart of gold but just too many cats, or several dogs whose chompers landed them in the slammer
"It's a disfiguring, inhumane and misguided procedure," said Eileen Jefferson, an Ulster County veterinarian who does not perform the procedure. She said about 25 percent of cats will be declawed.
"There's always a need for new options," said Pachel, who has reviewed some testing data on Sileo but isn't affiliated with Zoetis.
"I really struggled" is Campbell's short description of what went down. "I was shocked. There were no second chances. No discussion about it."

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