Here are five things that help make a good steak great, and a great steak marvelous:
And there you have it. Roast some potatoes once the oven is preheated, add a little sautéed spinach (cooked up while the steak is in the oven) or a green salad, and you've got that perfect steak dinner in your own home.
"Each red can give off different impressions," she says. "A dark red implies sophistication, whereas bright red can be considered more powerful and romantic."
"Food in good company has sustained Supreme Court Justices through the ages," Ginsburg writes in the book's forward.
The crackers only have five ingredients, and they are vegan and gluten-free. They're spread on a baking sheet and dehydrated in your oven (so, low and slow baking), which means no fussy rolling and cutting. You'll love the bold flavor from a heavy dose of coriander seed, but you can mix and match any of your favorite seasonings, like fennel seed, curry blends, or even Korean-style chili paste.
Haricot verts are thin, young green beans that are more tender than their sturdier, string bean cousins. They are also a bit pricier, but this is a holiday, after all, and you are reinventing a classic, so it's worth seeking them out.
The main ingredient here is 1 1/2 pounds of chocolate, which guarantees an intensely chocolate-y flavor. The cookie's base is made of a combination of unsweetened and bittersweet chocolate. Afterward, additional chunks of the bittersweet chocolate — along with the crushed mint candy — are folded in.
The tart I'm talking about today uses a simple olive-oil cake as the base, which is then topped with fresh berries. I took inspiration from a fruit-topped sponge-cake, and turned the idea into a recipe that could be made start-to-finish in about an hour, and much of that time is baking or cooling. I whipped up a speedy orange-olive oil cake (and it's technically-speaking a quick-bread, but our secret!) and made that the base, which works well with either regular flour or most gluten-free flours I have tried.
Electric pressure cookers are also having a moment. And, until recently, I had never used one. My sister bought one and bragged about making chicken soup in 15 minutes. I thought she was dreaming. or had made a chicken soup so devoid of taste that no one would want to eat it.
If you prefer to cook the lentils in chicken or vegetable broth, you will have a more flavorful dish all around. If you use vegetarian broth and skip the anchovies, you will have a vegetarian dish, but if that's not of consequence to you and yours, do keep the anchovies, no matter what liquid you pick. They bring depth and umami and a something-something to the dressing.

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