“I think it just creates another element,” said Mark Shaker, one of the facility’s co-founders. “To not have a hard line on where you can bring your drink, either inside or outside the building, is unique.”
Your guide to the top entertainment, events, concerts, games and activities taking place in the metro area
Mu will remain at their first home on Colfax, in the heart of the Aurora Cultural Arts District, but that location will change a bit
“It’s a dry watering hole and now it’s going to be full for all the people around here,” he said in August. “This is going to be a breath of fresh air.”
Hot cocktails are inspired by the classic hot toddy, a curative mixture dating back centuries that includes whiskey, rum, or brandy with hot water, a sweetener, and sometimes some spicing.
NOT YOUR AVERAGE TO-GO CUP: A coffee lover AND a tech nerd's dream come true is rolled into the Ember coffee mug. Smart technology allows it to rapidly cool down your liquid to your desired temperature for up to two hours on the go or hours more when placed on its special coaster. Sleek, black design. Holds 12 ounces. The creation of entrepreneur and coffee lover Clayton Alexander and his Ember team. On pre-order in November. Embertech.com. $149.95.
Your guide to the top entertainment, events, concerts, games and activities taking place in the metro area
Her reasons weren't disclosed. In a written statement, Perich said she's looking forward to new adventures.
The company says it teamed with self-driving truck maker, Otto, and the state of Colorado for the feat. The trailer, loaded with Budweiser beer, began the self-driving trip at a weigh station in Fort Collins, Colorado, and ran along Interstate 25 through Denver before wrapping up in Colorado Springs.
But rye deserves better. With it’s floral notes, spicy first pass across the palette and perfumed aroma, rye’s complexities mean it’s never dull. In a whiskey scene increasingly populated with dorm-room dreck filled with cinnamon or honey or apples, rye stands out as a truly different sort of whiskey. That built-in complexity has rye not only gaining in popularity among cocktail aficionados, but among distillers who realize that those layers of flavor offer them a chance to get a little weird.

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