Candles help keep the holidays solemn, and they don’t have to get snuffed out at New Year’s. Between the drunken office parties and chaotic Black Friday shopping sessions, it’s easy to forget that there’s plenty of serious spirituality behind the...
For any new room design or accent, think first: Let there be light
The evolution of a modern game room now requires fewer plugs, fewer toys and fewer wires
Maybe you went to the consignment store and found a really cute chair or end table, but you think it would look better in turquoise blue. DIY (do it yourself) is so tempting after watching a few YouTube videos,...
Looking for the right fit can be a nightmare, unless you know where to look
When does an unintentional omission become an interior design inspiration?
Michele Angello and match wits to tell you what’s possible when you’re recreating or making a new space. Everything on the table, anything can go, what’s possible?
We’d all like the comfort of having a massive backyard, complete with splendid pond, acres of space and plenty of patio to stretch out. But we all probably don’t have that kind of room. Still, with a few strategic choices, you...
Linnore Gonzalez of Décor and You can create a stunning—and expensive—outdoor kitchen for her clients. But she also has some helpful tips for people creating an affordable summer cookout space.
Know the necessities when it comes to building an outdoor area on a budget

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