When you go gray, you can design with just about anything
Sometimes the newest look comes from moving the same old things to a brand new place.
But when properly constructed, a bar can transform a space into a popular meeting spot — not unlike a kitchen — where friends, family and guests can gather and be entertained
“The main thing is balanced fitness. A lot of people think they only need cardio or only strength, but they need both,” Harwick said. “Balanced fitness is the key. Sometimes people think the strength side is so much harder that they need a trainer.”
To vary the look of her fresh Christmas tree from year to year, Angello weaves different colored ribbons among the branches that change the color scheme so even the exact same set of ornaments look brand new.
Floors. They’re often the last thing we think about when we walk into a room. But we use them probably as much if not more than any other part of our home.
Stuffy and full of relics, breathe life into your formal spaces with a few quick fixes
Yeah, but how often is someone willing to shred their concert tees if they shriek when you mention merely removing it from their closet?
There’s no way you’re going to use that serving platter in January, or can you?
Anyone who’s had to clean up after a Christmas tree can confirm that they’re not built for the whole year. Evergreens, such as firs and spruces shed needles. For those who paid attention during high school biology class, you can...

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