QUIDNUNC: Pelosi! Pelosi! Pelosi!

Time to get a new nemesis that can strike a donate chord among conservatives who don’t know who Howdy Doody, Pat Schroeder or Fred and Faye were

QUID HAS HEARD that nobody is hoping and praying for the continued good health and tenure of U.S. House Minority Leader, former House Speaker and Queen of All Things California Nancy Pelosi than are Republicans. And atop the list of the GOPers who want to see Nancy reign forever are those trying to keep road-wandering Mike Coffman in Congress. Everybody knows that every time a Colorado Democrat sneezes a parallel Republican says, “Nancy Pelosi.” Colorado Republicans bank on “Her” raising the blood pressure, hackles and donations from  tea-party types that just hate, hate, hate that lady. For years, camp Coffman has trotted out the specter of Pelosi hand picking a curse to inflict upon Coffman’s congressional district or some special way that Pelosi will take the liberties, the guns, the cash and the Viagra away from anyone in the 6th Congressional District that doesn’t send $100 now, not later, to keep Coffman keeping Pelosi at bay. But now, those who want to see Coffman haunt the halls of Congress longer, if not forever, are evoking the Cruella De Vil of conservative nightmares to fight against, ummm, one of their own. No sooner had one of those tea party types from the southern reaches of Coffman’s district announced that Coffman had become too soft, too liberal and too often showing the good sense to roll his eyes at just about everything President Donald Trump says and does, and that there shalt be a GOP primary, than Coffman’s faithful soldiers got out that word it is all the fault of — Pelosi. The whole thing makes about as much sense as Trump himself. Your faithful hack, always happy to see any kind of strife among political types to help sell papers and keep this wretched fishwrapper afloat, can’t help but offer a little advice: Let it go. Pelosi has been so long gone from prominence and worry that an entire generation of conservatives have now moved into voting range and don’t even know or care who the hell she is. Time to get a new nemesis that can strike a donate chord among conservatives who don’t know who Howdy Doody, Pat Schroeder or Fred and Faye were. For the sake of variety if nothing else, let’s get it out there that Jeff Flake wants Mike’s seat.

AND QUID HAS HEARD that related to the right’s fear of the left, the way-left new Aurora Councilwoman Nicole Johnston is bringing her progressive politics and well-known oral history to do battle against city conservatives. Expect to learn that she is working on a PhD to get her MPA, which is like an MBA, but not. Quid did.


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