QUIDNUNC: Facebook stalking and Aurora’s fabulous bores

Aurora might attract a wide variety of folks who want to call this burg home, but the ones who want to run the show are about as boring as they come

Quidnunc, who gets his name from the Latin  “what now,” is out and about as often as possible  to bring you news overheard in elevators,  rest rooms and spied  in various e-mail boxes.

QUID HAS HEARD that Aurora might attract a wide variety of folks who want to call this burg home, but the ones who want to run the show are about as boring as they come. Seems that it was nobody’s job this year but your faithful hack’s to snoop behind the scenes of those best and brightest who want city council seats so they can tell people, officially, what to do. Sadly, there are no beer-bong bashes buried ages ago in anyone’s Facebook or Twitter accounts. What your spurious affiant did find was this: 20-something Crystal Murrillo, running for Ward I against entrenched incumbent Sally Mounier? She likes Linkin Park, Nirvana, Rise Against — and Nickleback. Snort. If elected, she can expect some serious Rick Roll calls from this prank newsroom. And Mounier? She likes her some Fox News and has no life other than city council. Tom Tobiassen is the saddest nerd case of the bunch. He likes everything wonk but brought a smile to your dedicated hack’s scowling face with his 1986 photo wearing traditional Norse garb, sober, visiting his ancestral home. So bold. He remembers, fondly, taking his ham radio test in ‘66. Please don’t. Elsewhere, Ward III incumbent Marsha Berzins is Facebook friends with challenger Debi Hunter Holen, a testament to the wisdom against unfriending. Hunter posted a video sort of dancing or having an attack at Lupita’s one evening, “Lots of gun tonight!!,” she claimed. The pretty serious at-large hopeful Russ Wagner? Total Pink Floyd head — and Justin Bieber. Mr. Military and pleasant Chamber favorite David Gruber? Plenty of nice guy stuff and a shout out to Americhicks radio… Tim Huffman , who just can’t seem to shmooze enough on Facebook with area Republicans also likes to hang with bleeding hearts at Aurora Mental health and digs the Weather Report band. Queen of the Hearts Which Bleed, Ward II hopeful Nicole Johnston is Facebook friends with the Arapahoe County Republicans. At-large candidate and patron saint of all people homeless, Brian Arnold? Likes Sam’s Club. Huh. The voluble Martha Lugo adores Cesar Chavez, hates that Trump but loves the Rockies, Tito Nieves and Garth Brooks. Eminently wonky Bob Hagedorn is such a moderate Dem he even likes Bob Beauprez. Arch-conservative Robert O’Riley likes him some Metalica, George Strait, Nine Inch Nails and President Donald R. Trump. Naquetta Ricks checked in all over, including the Westin in Atlanta and a Perkins in Denver. Reid Hettich boasts pics of saving people all over the planet. He’s checked in at Tolstoy, SD and Yangon.  Finally, Allison Hiltz has a smile that never, ever varies, follows Sen. Cory Gardner and probably laughs out loud while watching Sponge Bob Square Pants.