COLE: Background check bill underscores failing of legislative process

How does a bill that the president would sign, 80 percent of Americans agreed with and more than 50 percent of the U.S. Senate voted in favor of, die?

A parliamentary procedure called cloture.

The universal background check for gun buyers ate lead thanks to Nevada Sen. Harry Reid’s agreement (who voted against the bill, by the way) to apply the cloture rule to the bill. Application of that rule would bar any Senate filibuster (a geezer word for “temper tantrum”) but more importantly in this case: it would also bar amendments. You know, like amendments to universal background checks like suspending its effective date, gutting funding or outright porking it to death.

To recap: A law most Americans supported was killed not because it didn’t have enough votes to pass, but rather it didn’t have enough votes to jump over a parliamentary procedure.

At its heart, parliamentary procedure is a mechanism for legislative bodies to rule by majority with respect of the minority. Not the other way around.

  • Billll

    Everybody cites that 90% figure but I have yet to see anyone cite the source. It appears that while 90% of us support keeping guns out of the hands of criminals, much fewer of us favor the ham-fisted and misdirected methods in the Manchin-Toomey-(Schumer) bill.

  • Frank25

    Democrats love that 80%, 90% of Americans agree with something, but if they were as intelligent as their certificates and diplomas indicate, they would also realize statistics are based on the group polled. There has not been, and I doubt there ever will be a 100% poll of entire United States, even if we let illegal aliens vote too. If truly 80% of Americans agreed, we gun owners would be rushing in to police stations to turn in our guns, without being asked. Cole deliberately ignores the vast increase in guns sold in past 5 years, with this administration, and no one knowing what part of our life will be effected next. If we had a truly efficient mental health survey, and database, we would have to start with legislators who try same laws (bills) over and over, expecting to get different results. At Sam’s Club on Abilene Sunday, over 50% of customers in store would be prime candidates for mental evaluation. Clothing, manners, attitudes displayed would not list them as stable, calm people. Just saying. And with legal pot in Colorado, legal and illegal drugs, and the driving habits displayed now on our streets, who are the sane, versus insane, or borderline cases now? Consider, if background checks were in place, Gabby Gifford and Mark Kelly are touting gun control, but their guns, along with our veterans with PTSD would all lose right to own or possess guns. AND WHO IS GOING TO EXECUTE THESE LAWS AFTER NEXT ELECTION?

  • burbanite223

    So they should have voted for a totally flawed bill just to say they tried? Sounds logical, if you are a bleeding heart Liberal that is, the rest of us will continue to do what is right. Good job Congress.

    You might gain more credibility if you stopped using lies and made up statistics, telling the truth will get you much further with those that disagree with your views and actually invite discussion.

    One more thing, we live in a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy, their is a big difference, look it up.

  • How many people that supported the bill actually read it? I’m willing to bet virtually none. I however DID read it, and it was nothing more than more restrictions and fees on honest gun owners and nothing to hurt criminals or actually prevent them from getting firearms. The media only tells half the story, and articles like this aren’t helping.

  • Ranger_Ric

    LIE. 80% of the American people DID NOT support your gun registration bill and that is why it failed. Had 80% really supported it, it would have passed.

    You don’t have to like it lib but your lies won’t get you what you want no matter how many times you tell them!

  • This is a bunch of bunk. Internet sales and sales from dealers at gun shows already have to go through background checks. These clowns and the idiots who want them to pass redundant laws in order to make the intellectually lazy feel safer. If you buy a gun on the internet, just like through the mail or over the phone, the gun has to go to an FFL. Been that way since 1968. We are being ruled by morons.

    • M.Deal


  • Buy a copy of this newspaper and start calling every advertiser and tell them they will be BOYCOTTED by you while they support fascists like this clown who want to take away your rights.

  • This “failure” is exactly what the founders of this nation wanted to protect us from the tyranny of the majority who happen to be clueless. Plato said, “Democracy is rule by the ignorant.” Ignorant slobs like those who run this rag.

  • M.Deal

    LOL 80%..where the hell do these figures come from..i have been asking everyone i come in contact with and its maybe 5% at best…

  • Billy Oblivion

    What, did you guys trample Chairman Mao in your rush to the left?