Old Ben Stapleton’s fame has grown white-hot again after being history-shamed recently because of his well-documented career as a high-ranking member of the KKK, which propelled him to Denver City Hall and infamy, all of which seems to be missing from Stapleton Walker’s extensive biography

Now-former scribe Quincy Snowdon has taken off to an island off the coast of Vietnam to be a technical climbing guide. That alone speaks volumes to the extent that some people will go to get out of this news-tank, this business and of having to cover yet one more city council meeting or listen to windy Editor Dave Perry’s endless laments on the demise of snail-driving on I-225 and how chain restaurants do not serve real food, dude

QUID: Holding for 6.14

QUID HAS HEARD that both sides of the aisle are “yuge-ly” going for the gusto these days. Seems that the President Orange Blossom isn’t the only novice politician claiming every ribbon is blue. Seems that political newcomer Jason Crow is tooting his own horn loudly and a little off key. Crow joins Aurora lawyer David […]