Things have gone so well that the brewery near Buckley Air Force Base has already upgraded its brewing equipment a full year earlier than owner and brewer David Levesque had hoped. We sat down with David to talk about his time maintaining nuclear missiles in the Air Force, brewing “big” beers, $2 PBR pitchers and the future of the craft beer scene.

We sat down with Shaker to find out how the native of suburban Chicago went from building health clinics in Niger to plotting one of the country’s most anticipated redevelopment projects. Well, that, and to sink the hell out of his battleships — with a little help from Mu Brewery

As of May, Col. John Wagner has been the latest moniker to grace that coveted spot on a desk in North Aurora. Previously the commander of the 614th Aid and Space Operations Center and the Joint Space Operations Center at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, Wagner is no stranger to the mission of Buckley’s 460th Space Wing — which centers on global missile detection using satellites.