Mike Coffman

And that would be the acrid smell of Donald Trump’s presidential aspirations as the remnants smolder in the glaring October sun. Burnt toast. Meanwhile, his fellow Republicans are now sniff-sniff-sniffing for smoke in fear that the political wildfire that engulfed Trump’s campaign this weekend will spread down-ticket to those who supported him and others who […]

The ad highlights a notorious clip of Trump imitating and mocking New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski, who is disabled. Carroll’s campaign ad then shifts right to Coffman, who Carroll says tacitly approves of Trump’s antics because he hasn’t outright denounced his remarks and his candidacy

We believe that the public deserves an open and honest forum to discuss the challenges facing Colorado and our country,”Carroll for Colorado spokesman Drew Godinich said in a statement. “People deserve to know why Mike Coffman and the current Republican-led Congress has failed to address the needs of the people in our community.”