Mike Coffman

I’ve been a frequent critic of Coffman’s tendency to — what seems to me — in his heart of hearts sympathize with moderate and mainstream positions on a host of social issues, but kowtow to the bullying far-right base in the region. My theory is that there’s simply no longer room for the moderate Republican Coffman really wants to be

We’ve all been sucking it up as we’ve suffered through the very real abuse inflicted by Republican health care legislation, Democratic health care legislation and entities that have wagged both those dogs for decades. Coffman and other congressmen can suck it up and show up at town meetings to get an earful, first-hand about how serious the health-care issue is, and how wrong they might be about how to change it

“When you stand up to lobbyists you earn a few enemies along the way,” Carroll said. “Out of all the (congressional) House races in the country, this is the only one that is targeted by the Koch Brothers. That’s what happens when you take on powerful special interests. Our job is to send the Koch Brothers packing, Mike Coffman packing.”