legal marijuana

While discussions on this topic continue, we must respect the Constitution as well as the right of Coloradans to make their own decisions on matters that are purely within the jurisdiction to the State of Colorado, and I will continue to do everything in my power to ensure that the federal government will respect our states’ rights and sovereignty

“That’s like us imposing a tax on Greewnood Village,” said Aurora Councilman Bob Roth, who also chaired Aurora’s Amendment 64 Ad Hoc committee, in a conversation before the study session. “I’m not sure how they’re proposing to do that.”

“We’ve heard from other companies and brokers that they’ve leased millions of square feet to growers in Denver, which has pushed out a lot of other big employers,” Gorlov said. “The assemblers and manufacturers are trying to develop those 30,000-square-foot spaces, too, and they’re now complaining these marijuana guys are getting all the space.”