The Colorado Rapid Response Network’s has trained about 150 volunteers to man phone lines and dispatch 24-hours-a-day to the scene of raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, including in Aurora. The network is a combined effort of the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition, Mi Familia Vota, Colorado People’s Alliance, Together Colorado and many other organizations.

Board Director Cathy Wildman has come under fire for what some referred to as racist comments she made while discussing undocumented immigration at a May 16 meeting. Wildman made the comments before the board approved a resolution directing the school district to make plans to push back against federal immigration requests for information about the citizenship status of students or their families.

“This was a question of justice,” Gov. John Hickenlooper told an afternoon news conference, noting that 98 of the 100 members of the state Assembly had backed a motion calling for Rene Lima-Marin’s pardon. “This was a pretty clear example of someone who’s done all the work necessary to earn a second chance.”

The APS board Tuesday night unanimously approved a resolution presented by nonprofit advocates Rise Colorado and a large group of immigrant students and parents. The resolution reaffirms APS policy to not share student information including immigration status with anyone. It also directs APS to collaborate with service providers and other nonprofits that work with the immigrant community.