“This was a question of justice,” Gov. John Hickenlooper told an afternoon news conference, noting that 98 of the 100 members of the state Assembly had backed a motion calling for Rene Lima-Marin’s pardon. “This was a pretty clear example of someone who’s done all the work necessary to earn a second chance.”

The APS board Tuesday night unanimously approved a resolution presented by nonprofit advocates Rise Colorado and a large group of immigrant students and parents. The resolution reaffirms APS policy to not share student information including immigration status with anyone. It also directs APS to collaborate with service providers and other nonprofits that work with the immigrant community.

Jeanette Vizguerra left the First Unitarian Church near the state Capitol surrounded by her children and supporters. Speaking to the crowd while holding her daughter’s hand, she said she is happy to be with her family for Mother’s Day but sad that Ingrid Encalada Latorre is still living in a Quaker meeting house in Denver because she’s facing removal from the United States

Top Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer said Republican negotiators were following the lead of Trump, who signaled Monday evening that he would not insist on $1 billion worth of wall funding now as an addition to the $1 trillion-plus spending bill. Trump told a gathering of conservative media reporters that he might be willing to wait until September for the funding