immigration reform

“We don’t want violent criminals on the street, and if a jurisdiction is going to do that, then, quite frankly — and announce that they’re going to it formally — then yeah, they ought to forgo their federal funds and we ought to spend it,” Coffman said. “I’ve consistently voted in favor of suspending federal funds to sanctuary cities.”

Many of these immigrants who are threatened with deportation are fully integrated into our communities. There are over half of a million immigrant residents in Colorado — they work, pay taxes and spend their money here. Not only would the cost of mass deportations result in an astronomical amount of taxpayers’ dollars lost, but our local economies would suffer from the loss these immigrant contributions in terms of labor, local spending and tax dollars

First, Aurora, and all of Colorado, must stand firm against the Trump administration’s misguided demands to use civilian police as immigration agents. It’s dangerous and ineffective. And second, we must push Colorado’s congressional representatives into helping us fight for what’s right and what makes sense: comprehensive immigration reform

For Republicans grappling with immigration in 2013, opposing the Senate’s Gang of Eight plan was more than just splitting hairs on the particulars of a bill – or advocating a “slower” approach, as the Post characterized it. Rather it was a decision that doomed reform in an attempt to appease anti-immigrant hardliners in the conservative base.