harry bull

“These incidents should be focused on with a bright spotlight to ensure ourselves there are no more victims, that we know what to watch for in other kids, and to learn how to create awareness around issues and make sure victims understand it’s not their fault, that these are predators,” said Margaret Ochoa

“My compass in each of these incidents has been protecting our students in every possible way,” Bull said in the statement. “As always, we as a district will review our practices and bring forward our learnings from both of these situations. We will critique our actions and responses in an effort to improve, especially when it comes to ensuring the safety of our students.”

School officials estimate the district would need about $250 million from bond sales to cover the cost of new construction and remodeling needs. Officials estimate the district would need to raise taxes about $33 million a year for debt service on the bonds. In addition, school officials are asking residents to increase property taxes across the district $23.9 million a year

“It’s in the basement of church, so we have to make sure it’s up to code, there’s a safety plan in place, and it’s equivalent to all of our other facilities,” Amole said. “And it’s in a whole different area of the district than they had originally planned. What we need to know from them is if the people who were interested when it was elsewhere are still interested.”