I don’t even care if Gardner owns up to his pathetic and aggravating deception after being caught red-handed fretting over Republican seats in Congress during next year’s mid-term election. And I don’t care if he apologizes for doubling down on his nonsensical mendacity after being busted and outed. I just want him to stop

Each candidate spoke of their own unique experiences and background and how it related to the board. But there wasn’t much room between candidates when it came out major issues like supporting teachers, wanting to fight for increased funding for the district and the importance of increasing performance of schools in the district.

Only one incumbent is running again during this race: Barbara Yamrick. Board President Amber Drevon and embattled board member Eric Nelson have both decided not to run for reelection. Director JulieMarie Shepherd Macklin termed out.

John Youngquist will be taking over as principal of East High School in Denver after Friday’s shakeup that saw the principal and assistant principal resign over handling of a video that surfaced showing a cheerleader being forced into splits during training. Youngquist, who’s been at APS since 2013, was principal at East from 2007-2012 before serving a year as DPS’s director of principal talent managem

We have long been critics of Obamacare, pointing out that without express and extensive regulation and market controls, it was the recipe for fiscal disaster it has proved itself to be. But every single option that Republicans have presented is far, far worse than what Obamacare provides for now. Graham-Cassidy is nothing more than pure partisan poison

“We’re not letting students get away from their behavior. If students aren’t ready to hear that consequence it can them become a power struggle between the adult and the student,” Langberg said. “We’re giving students a chance to reset, connect with their emotions and them be able to hear what they need to do to restore that trust.”