cynthia coffman

GREENWOOD VILLAGE | The Colorado Republican Party’s executive committee on Friday voted overwhelmingly to support the party’s chairman after he contended that the state attorney general and others tried to force him to resign his post by threatening to release details of an affair he denies. Following a lengthy closed-door meeting, the committee voted 22-1 to […]

DENVER | A fresh bout of political infighting among Colorado Republicans is raising questions about the party’s cohesion as it prepares for a crucial election year with a U.S. Senate seat and presidential election on the line. Republicans in this battleground state have long been dogged by internal feuding and candidates that split the base. This […]

If anything rings true about Colorado’s wild political claims these days, it’s that the state Republican Party does indeed have a really big tent. It must to make room for the Cirque du Désolé opening in Colorado’s big top this week. The wild political fracas started yesterday morning with Denver Post political news dean Lynn Bartels, as usual, starting what […]