cory gardner

I don’t even care if Gardner owns up to his pathetic and aggravating deception after being caught red-handed fretting over Republican seats in Congress during next year’s mid-term election. And I don’t care if he apologizes for doubling down on his nonsensical mendacity after being busted and outed. I just want him to stop

Gardner this week showed himself to be everything the Sentinel warned he would be in Congress, cunning and bogus. He not only was willing to sell out the urban poor and middle class struggling heavily with the cost of increasingly expensive and useless health insurance policies, he was willing to sell out his own rural roots and neighbors

Josh Winkler, one of the activists who spent time in Gardner’s office, said in an interview Wednesday that the bill’s Medicaid cuts would force states to cut back spending on the program, including home-care help for the disabled. “States can easily, easily cut those programs, forcing us into institutions or letting a lot of us die,” said Winkler, 36.

Many of these immigrants who are threatened with deportation are fully integrated into our communities. There are over half of a million immigrant residents in Colorado — they work, pay taxes and spend their money here. Not only would the cost of mass deportations result in an astronomical amount of taxpayers’ dollars lost, but our local economies would suffer from the loss these immigrant contributions in terms of labor, local spending and tax dollars

And that would be the acrid smell of Donald Trump’s presidential aspirations as the remnants smolder in the glaring October sun. Burnt toast. Meanwhile, his fellow Republicans are now sniff-sniff-sniffing for smoke in fear that the political wildfire that engulfed Trump’s campaign this weekend will spread down-ticket to those who supported him and others who […]