“Sorry you jumped to conclusions. I didn’t do it. There are 20 candidates and signs are getting moved around and stolen,” Councilwoman Marsha Berzins said in the comments. “If you had asked first, I would have told you it wasn’t me. You’re correct that this election is going south and dirty tricks abound. Sorry you blamed me with 19

“Topics such as sexual identification — LGBTQ, rape, suicide, drugs, activism and protesting are not topics that any parent has consented to or that are permitted per state standards,” Grube said in her angry Oct. 9 letter and while she made similar public comments to Cherry Creek schools Superintendent Harry Bull, demanding they oust the offending teacher, Asia Lyons

Hashim Tarik Coates, 41, pleaded guilty to prohibited use of a weapon, a class-two misdemeanor, last week as part of a plea agreement with prosecutors. In exchange for the guilty plea, the other charges, including a felony count of illegally discharging a firearm and misdemeanor counts of patronizing a prostitute, solicitation and criminal mischief, were dropped.

“Consumers have money to spend and telemarketers have products to sell — that’s why they contact you. Elections are no different. Voters hold valuable votes and campaigns have a candidate or issue to sell. And that’s why they call, email, mail, knock at your door and overtake television and radio airwaves during most elections,” Haubert said