A special city council meeting has been called for Thursday in advance of a deadline to remove a controversial ballot question asking Aurora voters to approve a special “entertainment” district on the city’s eastern border, property speculated to draw a possible NASCAR track to the city

“My compass in each of these incidents has been protecting our students in every possible way,” Bull said in the statement. “As always, we as a district will review our practices and bring forward our learnings from both of these situations. We will critique our actions and responses in an effort to improve, especially when it comes to ensuring the safety of our students.”

In Colorado, it’s much easier to say that you don’t want to vaccinate children than to prove that you have. What’s worse is that yet another attempt to create at least marginal compliance failed earlier this year in the state legislature. Anti-vaxers balked at Senate Bill 17-250, which would have standardized “opting out” instead of allowing for what is now pretty much a note from mom on a lunch sack