Judge Carlos A. Samour Jr. speaks during a 2013 hearing for Aurora theater shooting suspect James Holmes in Centennial. Yesterday, Samour put a new sanity hearing on hold after defense argued he mistakenly granted it.

“There are 336 hours in a two-week period. Considering the manpower and the extensive resources available to defense counsel, and considering further how much notice the defense and its experts have enjoyed regarding deadline at issue, two weeks are sufficient to file any appropriate motions…” Samour said in a ruling released Friday.

“That’s like us imposing a tax on Greewnood Village,” said Aurora Councilman Bob Roth, who also chaired Aurora’s Amendment 64 Ad Hoc committee, in a conversation before the study session. “I’m not sure how they’re proposing to do that.”

Kim Robards takes notes while Keegan O'Brien rehearses a piece entitled "Amaranthine" Oct. 20 at her studio near East Colfax Avenue and Del Mar Parkway in Aurora. Kim Robards Dance company is opening its 28th season with performances on November 1 and 7 with a production called "3D: Dance, Drink, Desserts." (Marla R. Keown/Aurora Sentinel)

“The first movement is a metaphor for the beginning of time or how you might feel when weighted by grief or the inability to move forward, similar to Neanderthals,” Robards says. “But the second movement moves away from that. It really escalates, which was a challenge choreographically to keep that energy going, but hopefully we achieved that.”

Arrest mugshots provided by the Aurora Police Department.

“Investigations such as these can be extremely complex, especially when dealing with alleged organized criminal elements. It is good to know that law enforcement agencies can work together to keep our communities safe. Vigorous investigation and prosecution of alleged lawbreakers benefits the entire community,” said Aurora Police Chief Terry Jones

Employees at Colorado Harvest Company weave  marijuana plants through a Screen of Green (SCOG) to help them grow to their full potential Sept. 25 in Denver. Owner Tim Cullen will be opening a location in Aurora off of South Parker Road and Yale Avenue. As recreational marijuana stores have been opening this month without a hitch the availability of industrial space across the Denver metro region is in question. (Marla R. Keown/Aurora Sentinel)

“We’ve heard from other companies and brokers that they’ve leased millions of square feet to growers in Denver, which has pushed out a lot of other big employers,” Gorlov said. “The assemblers and manufacturers are trying to develop those 30,000-square-foot spaces, too, and they’re now complaining these marijuana guys are getting all the space.”