Buddy, Michelle Mayer, Charlie Burton

Aurora’s vote, the first in the nation on a general-election ballot, could presage other public votes on so-called “breed-specific legislation,” laws that either ban some types of dogs or require they be sterilized

Rep D36s

If you live on the eastside of Aurora, the race for State House District 36 is probably of some interest to you. The district covers much of the city south of East Colfax Avenue and east of Chambers Road. This year, incumbent Democrat Su Ryden is squaring off with Republican Richard J. Bowman. The seat […]

Adams County District 3 commissioner candidates Republican Erik Hansen, left,  is running against Democrat Manuel Solano

County voters this fall will add two new commissioners to the board after voters in 2012 opted to bump the number from three commissioners to five. Every county voter gets to vote in each of the three races up for grabs this year, regardless of what district they live in. Candidates, however, have to live in the district they represent

Attorney Generals

Aside from the gay marriage fight, the two have actually found some common ground when it comes to forming a unit dedicated to fighting political corruption

Arapahoe Sheriffs

For the Democrats, Tyler Brown is seeking the seat. Brown, who served a few years as a police officer in Northglenn is now as a security guard for Aurora Public Schools.

Rick Reigenborn is running as a Democrat and Mike McIntosh is running as a Republican for Adams County sheriff. Both men are longtime deputies who have served a variety of roles over the years with the sheriff’s office, including working in the jail

Adams Treasurers

Brigitte Grimm, a Republican, is the incumbent in the race for Adams County Treasurer and is opposed by Democrat Steve Douglas, who is currently a Commerce City Councilman.