colorado supreme court

DENVER | Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman asked the state Supreme Court on Friday to dismiss Gov. John Hickenlooper’s complaint about lawsuits she filed without his permission. Hickenlooper asked the high court earlier this month to rule that he, not the attorney general, has the final say on whether to sue the federal government. But Coffman […]

The sheer scope of the massacre and these trial proceedings themselves have taken the characteristic of a war crimes trial. Holmes admittedly unleashed so much pain and suffering, the only questions left deal with whether he was psychologically incapable of stopping himself, how that could happen, and how is it he remained at large and able to pull off such an attack without others stopping him

DENVER | Lawyers for the man charged with the Colorado theater massacre are asking the state Supreme Court not to publicly release one of their motions. The motion is believed to be an appeal of the presiding judge’s order for defendant James Holmes to undergo a second sanity evaluation. It was filed under seal Monday. A court […]

DENVER | The Colorado Supreme Court is expected to rule on a case that could have far-reaching implications for state education funding. A decision is expected Tuesday in a lawsuit filed by parents and school districts challenging the funding system as unconstitutional. The plaintiffs argue that students in low-income areas don’t have equal access to […]