Lyssa Walborn, employee, pours a Colorado Freedom Memorial Ale on June 29 at Dry Dock Brewery in Aurora. (Heather L. Smith/The Aurora Sentinel)

As the week winds down, there’s plenty happening in Aurora for beer drinkers looking for a sudsy weekend. • The Hops For Habitat Brewfest is set for 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 1, at Plains Conservation Center, 21901 E, Hampden Ave. Tickets for this brew-filled shindig on the city’s eastern edge — proceeds […]

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COLE: Beer of the Week, Dec. 12


I’m the first to admit that most breweries aren’t the magical places you’d expect them to be. Most of them don’t have televisions and very few offer anything more than popcorn — and even that’s barely edible. Breweries are fairly quiet, open spaces where one should consume and contemplate beer, pay for it and make way […]

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COLE: Beer of the Week, Dec. 5


Ladies and gentlemen, I propose that a good amber ale is harder to find than the Easter bunny winning the Powerball and being struck by lightning at the same time. By their definition, amber ales have a tough hill to climb. The amber color naturally comes from highly caramelized malts, which creates more sugar in […]

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