aurora city council

While police officers around the country — including the bulk of Aurora patrol officers — have worn body cameras for several years, Hankins said the use of the devices is much less common among code and animal control officers. The pilot program for the Aurora code and animal control officers could be among the first in the country.

While the A Line that opened earlier this year was RTD’s first electric commuter car rail (followed by the B Line to Westminster and the pending G Line to Wheat Ridge), Trujillo said the R Line is more similar to Golden’s “West” or W Line light rail in terms of potential construction and testing issues

The city already collects lodger’s tax from individuals who rent out their homes for 30 days or less on sites such as Airbnb, and requires those homeowners to obtain a business license, which costs $39.25 through the city of Aurora. But they say listing the measure online would help with enforcement efforts.