aurora city council

AURORA | Aurora Mental Health Center, a nonprofit provider of mental health services in Aurora, will take over detox services in the city later this year, picking up the slack leftover by the city’s former detox services provider, Arapahoe House. Arapahoe House announced late last year it would be ceasing its metro area detox operations in 2017. […]

AURORA | Members of the city’s public safety, courts and civil service policy committee agreed Thursday to extend Aurora’s contract with the company that manages the roughly dozen photo red light traffic cameras across the city, a decision that will maintain the status quo in Aurora pending any changes to laws that pertain to the contentious […]

Although council members raised no objection to the proposed intergovernmental agreement between the three entities at the council’s study session, the pact for a joint crime lab is not official until a resolution is passed at a regular council meeting. That could happen as soon as the next regular meeting Jan. 23