aurora city council

For Hizzoner Mayor Steve Hogan, one verse stands out: “Aurora is not a suburb.” If there’s room left on his stone, which really should explain that the man held elected office from around the same time the granite was formed, Quid knows Hogan would want the world to know, “There are rules, and rules should be followed or — or nothing. Follow the damn rules.”

Two council members on the city’s ad hoc policy committee that deals with weed issues, Sally Mounier and Bob Roth, recently agreed to green-light a discussion on allowing the sale, manufacturing and cultivation of medical marijuana in Aurora. Those practices are currently banned under city code

This latest push to axe the prohibitive racetrack verbiage marks the fourth time the city has attempted to make such a charter amendment. All of the other measures failed, including the most recent attempt in 2015. That measure lost by 1,081 votes, according to Councilwoman Sally Mounier, who backed the effort.