“It’s a fundamental question of civil rights and access to education for us,” said Karen Hoerst, Nico’s 35-year-old mother. “It’s really about: Does our kid who happens to have a developmental disability deserve to be educated alongside his peers or not?”

“I’ve fought strenuously to preserve CDBG funding in the past because I realize its importance in meeting the needs of our seniors and people with lower incomes in our communities,” said Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania. Dent is a Republican member of the House Appropriations subcommittee overseeing spending on the Housing and Urban Development Department, which administers the program.

This pairing process helps prevent that feeling we’ve all had after a plate of beef brisket, macaroni and cheese, and potato salad — and explains why the sour, briny pickles are so welcomed on that same plate. Rich, fatty proteins are especially well-suited to bright flavors like vinegar and citrus juice, because they help clean your palate of the heavy mouthfeel that can exhaust you before you’ve taken your third bite.

Here the chicken is cooked in chicken broth, which deepens the flavor of both the chicken and the broth. You’ll start by heating the broth to 170 F, not 165 F, because the temperature drops quickly with all the chicken in there. Then cover the pan and pull it off the burner, allowing the chicken to cook gently in the lingering heat of the broth. (To make sure you don’t undercook it, cut into the thickest piece of chicken after it rests for 20 minutes and, if necessary, reheat it briefly to finish the process.)