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A ballroom luminoso — decorated with calavera and gears — created by Tucson-based Creative Machines, Inc., is due to be installed at an Aurora light rail station. (Photo by Lucas Conrad, provided by Joe O’Connell and Blessing Hancock)

For Joe O’Connell, story comes first. “A lot of my art has benefited from being located in communities where people have a lot of stories,” the Arizona-based artist said. “What makes communities [unique] is how their stories are different.” And O’Connell has a leg up on most modern raconteurs: he is also the owner and […]

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“This is such a welcome addition and it’s something we have desperately needed in urban Aurora,” Sally Mounier, Aurora city councilwoman for north Aurora said. “The economic impact that’s going to be spurred will create even more development, which is going to trickle out into our neighborhoods and allow them to really prosper.”

Lynne Evans (right), a member of the city’s Historic Preservation Commission, looks over the debilitating Red Cross building on July 1 at Anschutz Medical Campus. Evan's spearheaded a campaign to save the structure which was used to provide temporary entertainment to patients and soldiers during World War I. (Marla R. Keown/Aurora Sentinel)

“I do not believe that the millions of dollars needed for this building move/restoration, given the number and frequency of significant disasters in addition to the everyday home fires we respond to, our service to the military and their families, international services and health and safety training, would be the most prudent request or use of our donor’s support”


I FINALLY got to go inside the old Red Cross building on Anschutz Medical Campus this morning. I don’t know what it is about deteriorating and abandoned buildings, but I sure do love them.

Enas al Khalili is the Jordanian cook for Chai Chai at Anschutz Medical Campus. Chai Chai opened last fall and offers Arabic, Indian and Jordanian food for its customers. (Marla R. Keown/Aurora Sentinel)

Alla, who came to the United States from his native Hyderabad, India, to work in the tech industry, said he was disappointed with the Indian fare he found. Most of the restaurants offered northern Indian food, he said, not the spicy dishes he grew up with


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