PERRY: Trickle me pinko. Don’t fall for Romney’s recycled Bush brand

If you would rather believe Romney than your lying eyes, you might want to listen to economists like Joseph Stiglitz, who gets to put “Nobel Laureate” on his resume. Stiglitz and others say the U.S. economy is ailing because of the growing gap between America’s haves and have nots.

Despite thousands of lives lost in the accidental Iraq War and the evaporation of trillions of dollars of wealth, we somehow managed to live through the Bush presidency.

Given that, I suppose we could somehow survive a four-year stint with Mitt Romney in White House.

But I don’t want to. How is it after only four, short years that so many in Aurora and across the country have forgotten that we’ve been down this road before, with disastrous results?

Set aside for a second all the stupendously ludicrous lies that both sides are launching in hopes of, I don’t know what. Do Democrats and Republicans really think they can fool Americans into believing that Romney killed a woman with cancer? That Obama secretly has worked to undo Medicare?

That’s just acid-trip crazy crap at a time when voters need to get a clear head about the upcoming election.

Has too much of America completely forgotten that the American economy is in a shambles because the country’s high-rollers in the banking and finance industries destroyed the collective wealth of the middle class through malfeasance, thievery and greed? Have too many Americans totally lost their minds in forgetting or overlooking the fact, not the opinion, but the fact, that past congresses and administrations created a slipshod set of rules and laws that allowed for the super-rich to destroy untold middle-class wealth, and then walk away with millions in their own pockets?

It wasn’t a bad dream, folks. It really, really happened. And now Mitt Romney waltzes on to the political stage trying to sell the very same garbage that very nearly destroyed the U.S economy for good.

In case it’s slipped your mind, the country’s richest citizens did indeed get richer. And in case you haven’t noticed, everyone else, and I do mean everyone else, has either lost their job, their savings, their retirement, their health care, their homes, or if they’re really, really lucky, they just lost financial ground to the price of gas, health insurance, food, tuition or the evaporating Social Security system.

For crying out loud, folks. You were hustled and rolled by the Bush White House and Congress, sold the biggest most expensive boondoggle war in the history of the world and then left to suck eggs.

If you would rather believe Romney than your lying eyes, you might want to listen to economists like Joseph Stiglitz, who gets to put “Nobel Laureate” on his resume. Stiglitz and others say the U.S. economy is ailing because of the growing gap between America’s haves and have nots.

“For two decades, all the increase in the country’s wealth, which was enormous, went to the people at the very top,” Stiglitz said in an Associated Press interview this week. That included Romney and the companies pouring endless millions into his campaign.

Among the myths Stiglitz wants to dispel is the joke that making rich people richer makes all Americans better off.

“Mitt Romney has called concerns about inequality the ‘politics of envy.’ Well, that’s wrong. Envy would be saying, ‘He’s doing so much better than me. I’m jealous.’ This is: “Why is he getting so much money, and he brought us to the brink of ruin?” And those who worked hard are the ones ruined. It’s a question of fairness.”

And so this guy who was born into wealth waltzes out of a grocery store pushing a buggy for a photo op and we’re supposed to believe that he’s just a regular, hard-working guy out doing his weekly shopping?

That’s acid-trip crazy, folks. This guy never, ever, for one day in his life, had the worries that 99 percent of the rest of us have. Ever. He never had to walk home from his restaurant job in the middle of the night because he couldn’t afford to fix the clutch in his car. He never had to pawn or sell his TV to try and make payroll for his struggling business. He never had his phone or lights turned off or wrote a hot check for groceries because his own paycheck bounced again.

And this guy who makes money off the labor of others, is telling me that he wants to restore a real work ethic to America?

He is selling the exact same thing that Bush did. But don’t believe me. Trust your lying eyes.

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  • Gofastgo

    Your points about politicians are well founded,  then you allow yourself to blather about taking sides.

    It was on Obamas watch that the fat cats on Wall St. took the money and got a scolding from Congress, no fines, no prisons, I too, ask, why not?

    As far as Iraq, being a hawk, a few well-placed ‘big boys’ would have ended this ‘war’ long before a single foot solider was ever put in harms way.  We wouldn’t have heard from the terrorists for 50 years or more.  they understand MIGHT , not diplomacy, which they look upon as stupid and weak.

    • reader

      I have to laugh at people who are so giddy because Romney wants to cut entitlements.
      Guess they aren’t concerned about getting social security, as it will be
      privatized under Romney/Ryan, or Medicare.
      Maybe they are already on Medicare and don’t think that down the road
      their Medicare might go up drastically because only the sick people will
      stay in Medicare, while healthier people will use a voucher that will cost
      them thousands in the long run.
      So yippeeee — entitlement cuts for all ! ! ! !

  • Utahooksem

    I am becoming a Dave Perry fan–a guy who can write, says what he thinks and has the courage of his convictions. Keep it up.

  • gouko787

    Gofastgo, Your observation about Perry being right in his observations is reasonable….but then you start spewing partisan hypocritical BS. Yes, there was Wall Street fraud and theft under Obama’s watch and regulations were enacted to prevent it. The same regulations Romney wants to lift to unshackle Wall Street. Ummm…who is running the House….the GOP. Are you holding them accountable as well? Then you really go off in the deep end stating if we just nuked a country or two, we would be safe. How does that make you any different than a terrorist. Is this a magic nuke that would leave innocent women, children and the air/water untouched? It seems you are projecting your own (and our GOP House) views on diplomacy onto a large population of people. I’ll bet you voted Bush twice and would do it again with out taking a single microgram of the blame or credit for the problems he caused. You were silent for 8 years (besides shouting 4 more years in the ears of those audacious enough to expose his lies and fraud), but now that your team lost you’re ready to clean up politics. In so many ways I hope you get what you want. Romney is elected, and we can endure 4-8 years worse than the Bush F.U.B.A.R. so, once again, we can expose the flaud and ficticious theories the Right has about trickle down. Then I look at my kids and realize they deserve better.


    Thank you Dave Perry. It’s downright scarry how many people have forgotten how Repubs got us into this mess and want to repeat it all over again. Keep on calling out reality.

    • gouko787

      Why can’t I blame Bush. He set the country on fire, charged up a huge debt – off the record – and then you blame Obama for not putting the fire out quick enough. All while the GOP House (for 2 years) and the GOP members of the Senate (for 4 years) refused to let anything be passed that might help because it would help Obama win re-election. I’ll bet you voted Bush twice so it might hurt your widdle ego to admit YOU made a mistake. Obama could have done a better job, but McCain and Palin would have done a worse job for sure.

  • AuroraGranny

    While Romney was not my personal choice (I’m a Newt fan) I do believe we hit rock bottom with Obama. He will say anything and then, by executive decree, do anything the puppet-master wants. Perry, like so many, pulls the heart strings of America – but you cannot blame Busch for the last 3 years – GET OVER IT and get a real American citizen in office next time.

  • I agree, Romney is more of Bush. Obama is trying and things ARE better, but the Republicans block him on every bill, practically. Plus, we have had to fight things like the Arctic Wilderness and other rape and plunder bills several times, when Republicans tack them on to something good.
    The big money people are determined to get what they want, and do not seem to realize that the people who make and keep them big are us.
    Romney doesn’t care about anyone but Romney, and a few selected friends. He is an Elitist. Bush wanted to be a dictator.
    Obama is for the middle class, and is a problem solver.
    Granny, you need to read a bit more about the Bush years (it is spelled Bush, by the way) and the Bush dynasty and Carl Rove. And also study up on what flows over after the former term ends. Bush signed many laws and orders at the end of his “rein” that most people are unaware of. You also might read some Bob Woodward.

  • Rmck

    Dave Perry has put into words what so many of us are thinking today. I’m glad someone in journalism has the courage to say what is really the true picture. Thanks Dave.