PERRY: Duck, Aurora. City un-fires police officer Chris Falco

So if you get the boot as a cop in Aurora, you have serious problems. Clearly, Falco has serious problems.

No freaking kidding.  Disgraced Aurora police Officer Chris Falco is back on the force.

The city’s Civil Service Commission, those folks who have continued to bring you a wide assortment of bad cops for years, did it again.

Falco, if you’ve forgotten, was fired by Aurora’s police administration earlier this year, which is no small matter. He was canned because he clearly has anger issues, won’t follow directions, misuses time on the clock and has all the sensitivity and good judgment of a roller derby ref.

Like most police departments, Aurora’s police administration is loathe to fire anybody. Cops here look out for each other, getting them help if they need it, reassignments, long breaks, whatever it takes to make it to retirement with honor and integrity.

So if you get the boot as a cop in Aurora, you have serious problems. Clearly, Falco has serious problems.

The guy had an emotional meltdown one day during a traffic stop, coming unhinged all over some scared 17-year-old girl who couldn’t get her car out of the road. He became so irate and irrational that another cop had to pull him away from the scene.

He had a temper tantrum with a city prosecutor not long after that. He also was caught babysitting his grandson while on the job when he was supposed to be working security at city hall.

The most sadistic thing Falco did was to call a man he shot in the head a “marshmallow head” because he had brain damage.

Falco’s real fame comes from when he started shooting at three auto-part thieves fleeing in a car, killing one thief and critically wounding another. Police have a strict policy against shooting at people in cars, even if the car is headed for a cop, which Falco said was the case.

“Marshmallow head” referred to Yevgeni Straystar, one of the thieves he injured. He told another cop while discussing the case, which city taxpayers have forked over hundreds of thousands of dollars to settle, that “the guy who got shot in the head won’t amount to much.” He told another cop that an internal affairs investigation into Falco not following police policy during the shooting “shouldn’t take very long, there aren’t too many people to interview. One is dead and the other cannot even make a sentence.”

Now I well understand how in a high-pressure business, sarcasm and seemingly cold-hearted remarks are often nothing more than a defense mechanism, but man, that’s cold. That’s bad judgment. Bad, bad judgment.

In my opinion, being a good cop is 95 percent judgment call and 5 percent skill. I would have fired Falco for his behavior if the most dangerous thing he handled was a phone as a librarian to call patrons about overdue books. Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates and company were absolutely right to demand the ouster of Falco, who flaunts his bad judgment with a badge, a set of handcuffs and a loaded gun.

Why does the city’s Civil Service Commission not get that police officers must be held to a higher standard than the rest of us? These weren’t missteps made by a meter reader. This is a guy that’s to supposed to uphold the law, and we give him a gun to do it.

I’ve known a lot of cops as a reporter. Just about every single one of them got into the work because they really liked helping people. They really felt strongly about preventing people from being victimized by bullies and criminals. They’re activists for justice.

For the cops I know, it’s the most stressful, satisfying, annoying, thrilling, boring and exasperating job in the world. You deal with people at their worst. But when you can’t keep from telling teenagers to move their car or “I’ll f—— tow it away,” or if at the most critical moment you fire a gun when you shouldn’t, or if you bring a little kid to work when you’re supposed to be doing your job as a cop, potentially putting the kid at risk and the public, it’s time to move on.

By putting Falco back in the force, the Civil Service Commission tells the rest of Aurora’s cops that they don’t have to bite their tongues on crime scenes or in court. They don’t have to follow the rules.

That’s scary stuff.

What’s more, Falco is damaged goods. Rest assured that if he appears at my driver’s side window one day, I’m calling 911 to send for back-up for my protection, not his.

Aurora won’t be able to prosecute a single case Falco works on. Defendants will be only too happy to ask the jury if they believe “my client or Officer Quick Draw McTemper?”

Here’s what needs to happen. Aurora police officers need to make it clear to city officials they don’t like this any more than the chief does. Falco’s reinstatement hurts the entire department of honorable cops who keep it together all the time.

Falco needs to tap into his past honor and resign. Today.

As far as the Aurora Civil Service Commission, this has gone too far. The commission has reinstated fired cops, undone disciplines and made a mockery of police ethical and performance standards for far too long. City lawmakers should draft revisions to the city charter that will ask voters to make changes for the good of the force, and the good of the city.

Currently, civil service commissioners are appointed to terms on the dais and are above the reproach of city council. That’s got to end. The Civil Service Commission’s priority must be to protect the public, not the police. This recent decision undermines public safety, the integrity of the force and the judgment of the commission itself. The only solution is the ensure each commissioner serves at the pleasure of the entire city council, and those commissioners who supported reinstating Falco need to be removed.

In the mean time, if I’ve got to call police for any reason, I’ll be sure to ask them not to send Falco. If you were smarter than the commission is, you’d do the same.

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  • imahead

    Did he write “Rock me Amadeus”? Cuz that song sux.

    • Amy

      Get a head and life weirdo ????

  • Frank2525

    Browse all the media you can stand in next few days and find that police, politicians, and WH staff or inhabitants are at bottom of popularity ratings by citizens. Police cannot win in lose-lose cases, and media go ballistic if one uses the weapon as issued and trained. Mothers are always there to tell us “what a good boy or girl their child is”. With media piling on, cities will be lucky if they can hire convicts, after release, in the future. Same trouble schools have in hiring teachers with lack of discipline in schools,students having the “rights” and administration not backing the teachers.

    • Gofastgo

      Nice solid points. It’s one of the biggest troubles with our system, the coddling of students, ‘pants below their waists with their underwear hanging out, hats on sideways, sneakers untied, mumbling, NOT learning anything but how to speak fluid ‘dope’ from RAP ‘artists’ who can’t speak either. Discipline? Unions say ‘not our job’ Responsibility, why? When our leaders tell them their ‘civil rights’ preclude any personal responsibility or integrity.
      No dress codes, no discipline, no responsibility, you want to make a bastard child, that’s completely okay with our system, they even have ‘day care’ in schools for babies of pupils, what a message that sends to a young mind. Completely haywire.

      • Grd45

        Ya, let’s give them badges and call them cops! Having Falco on the force doesn’t help. He is a perfect example of why a lot of people don’t respect officers. He acts like he is above the law, rather then up hold it.

  • NEWS4U

    PERRY: This is is such a malicous vicous story about something that you really have no clue about and why be disgraced? You were no where around any of this especially the shooting. The Civil Service Commission are made up of very smart attorneys with many years of experience and a Judge which blows your career right out of the window. So, let me get this straight you and your buddy Oates say that the DA’s are wrong, the Homicide Detectives are wrong, and now the Civil Service Comisssioners are wrong and should be removed…wow! This was a trial appeal and Officer Falco, proudly earned back his job with many people who testified for him at his appeal . You talk of such an anger and hatred of this story towards Officer Falco, do you know him, or are you just flowing with the Chief? How could the two of you be so right when an entire group of those listed above says otherwise taking his side and gets his job back, and you & the Chief are saying that they are wrong? I would say to you and Oates, both of you show much dangerous behavoir yourself Oates on TV and your story written here. Really….Who even are you! Sounds like you and Oates need together for some chocolate milk and cookies. You both scare me as just an editor, and the Chief of someone you dont know or dont like, and be able to write such an evil vicious story. People feel really big like you to write a story when they think that they have a Chief in their pocket. And to write that this person should be removed or resgin even the Civil Service Commissioners. You want to run for office you might be good for awhile but you’ll get chewed up fast. Your’re story on a public magazine is putting a very bad test about you by putting your nose in some business where it don’t belong and never was there!. Your story is of a child that someone keeps taking your lunch and you have never forgave them.That’s the way it sounds.

  • NEWS4U

    Editor= You are a man of hatred & evil, and it shows by all your comments and wording of someone you know nothing about. I am deciding to make a call to your superior to complain on your vicoius attack on a fine Officer, who was cleared by the Civil Service Commission, and the DA and rubbing up on Oates don’t make you out to be any better. You should be very a shamed of yourself Mr. Ediitor. It’s easy to sit for a living a write whatever you want but to slander a police officer like this, let’s hope that you don’t have to look for a new job…….like in a library!

    • Ozone

      Falco should be the one looking for a job. ” a fine officer” what are your standards? And what’s up with your threats? Sounds like you have anger issues too. Fine officers don’t put their own grandson in danger, fine officers don’t scream at frighten teenagers, fine officer dont make bad decisions. All of which this poor excuse as man has made.

      • Giunger

        Ozone…..that is about the mindless name for your brain. You do not know the whole story and you never will. Officer Falco is back on the job and has the upper hand on all law suit’s…. He will be rich!

  • Gofastgo

    I completely agree with Falco (most of the time) and other police officers who rough up these neer-do-wells. The scofflaws are taught about their ‘rights’, but not about authority. The punk downtown a year or so ago, turned his back on a police officer, continued to talk on his cell, AFTER being told to ‘put down the phone’ and listen up, he just turned his back, had absolutely no respect for the badge or the uniform, none.
    Folks, if you think the cops don’t have a place in our society, then those among you should live in a jungle, survival of the fittest, no rules, only hunts for food, you’ll be high on the list of ‘what’s for dinner’.

  • sickofthesentinel

    I think Falco has made some poor
    choices but this is outright slander. If
    you refer to the Commission’s findings, Falco never made that statement to the “scared
    17 year old girl”. He said it to the
    other officer who never actually “pulled him away from the scene.”

    And as for his “marshmallow head”
    comment, he made that to another officer during an investigation, never to the
    public. You see Mr. Perry, killing
    somebody is difficult and over the years cops and soldiers have come up with
    all sorts of ways to cope with having to take a life. The most common way is humor. This was a poor attempt at doing so but an
    attempt nonetheless. You pay this
    coping mechanism lip service but have obviously never done anything involving a
    critical incident. Go spend a year in a
    combat zone and then sit in judgment of this Gallows humor.

    His “temper tantrum” with the city
    attorney’s office was after being awake all night after another shooting where
    an officer was injured. He asked the
    prosecutor for some consideration and he was treated poorly for it. They got into an argument and the prosecutor
    complained. According to the commission
    findings (which are open records and anyone can obtain), this incident should
    not have gone to Internal Affairs but alas, it did.

    I absolutely agree that his
    decision to bring his grandchild to work was a horrible idea but in his
    defense, his post was closed and there was very little chance of anything
    happening. Still poor judgment but it doesn’t
    rise to the level of firing.

    I also take umbrage to your blind
    support of the policy about shooting into moving vehicles and so does the
    Aurora city council. This is a poorly
    written policy that allows for no deviation which shows a complete disregard
    for officer safety. How about this Mr.
    Perry? We’ll give you a gun and then we’ll
    have some desperate car thieves try and drive you down. Let’s see what you do.

    Your editorial
    reeks of agenda and sensationalism. This
    is irresponsible journalism at its finest.
    You take juicy parts, make them juicier and then rabble rouse. I’m not a big fan of Falco but at least if
    you are going to attack him (or anybody else for that matter), get your facts

    • Giunger


  • DevinJ

    Aurora Sentinel Tabloid! It’s called due process. Civil service is the checks and balances of the police excecutive staff. YOU are a “marshmallow head”

  • DevinJ

    Wow Dave Perry must have worked as a police officer for the city of aurora for years to have such insight and expert knowledge. “Like most police departments, Aurora’s police administration is loathe to fire anybody. Cops here look out for each other, getting them help if they need it, reassignments, long breaks, whatever it takes to make it to retirement with honor and integrity.” hahahahahahbababahahah!!!!! If you believe that your a tool!

    What gives you the right to label someone “MC QuickDraw” when he clearly was defending his life from someone trying to take it. This is another example of the AUROR SENTINEL TABLOID! I have yet to read an unbiased factual editorial from this organization. Sell papers make money; who cares how you do it. That’s your mission statement. You should put it on the side of your building! Lets pretend Officer Falco is the devil incarnated as you have such labially described him. Nowhere in his proceedings did he violate law or did his actions rise to a level of reasonable termination. Civil service did their job. It called due process. Their job is to keep a checks and balances with the executive staff of that organization. Good job.

  • JudyR

    I hope Officer Falco sues the feces out of this publication.

    • Hank

      Please! Is that all the Falco’s think about, suing? Your a marshmallow head!

      • Giunger

        Yep, and you will sit behind you little computer while they are enjoying life and traveling. DUM DUM

      • Giunger

        Oh…. and they would enjoy it “Hanky” because they deserved it, unlike you I would call you a knuckle head because marshmallow is to kind.

    • Giunger

      Oh, I would think he will, or should. He has the upper hand on all that is going on! Good Luck! The Falco’s……….. people are just jealous.

    • Amy T.

      Oh, he will and it looks like in 2015.
      He and his wife are thrilled Ex-Chief Oates left dodge leaving a mess behind he hated this officer but then Oates helped the crooked ones. Falco is a working man doing what he loves and is working off duty for his own company and his wife opened a boutique. I would say, their pretty dam smart folks and if they win, some people will be hurting due to the District or Federal law suit (s). Good luck.

  • NGupta

    Mr. Perry your article is a disgrace. You do not have all the facts correct or you intentionally have chosen to exclude some of the facts that do not support Cheif Oats or your agenda. You are part of the political machine and obviously kiss many butts in Cheif Oats office. The civil service commission threw out the issue of the traffic stop with the emotionally charged 17 year old female in the forementioned traffic stop, because Officer Falco did not make that statement. Cheif Oats the City Manager and the Mayor of Aurora have got to go! Officer Falco is a good cop and a great human being. It is clear that Officer Falco made some inappropriate remarks of the criminal that tried to kill Officer McErvin and himself by attempting to run them both down in a van that the criminals launched at the Officers at a high speed and actually struck Officer McErvin. The Officers were not pursuing the van! Officer McErvin also fired at the van before he was seriously injured, but there is no penalty for this officer. I have known Officer Falco for many years…do you know him? Officer Falco was cleared by the District Attroney for the shooting which said that both Officers had the right to defend themselves and use deadly force but I don’t see that in your article. You abuse the 1st amendment and have no concern for our Officers safety. Cheif Oats has our Officers scared to even pull their weapon, because they could be fired. Talk to more Officers and see what they say. The Officers that I have spoken to certainly stand behind the actions and “judgement” of Officer Falco. This was the first time in 17 years on the force that Officer Falco was ‘forced” to use his weapon. Officer Falco did get repremanded and rightly so for having his Grandson in the City Hall building after the building was closed and locked up for two hours. This was a one time event due to an emergency of his Step-Daughter. The only thing you said in your article that I agree with is that police officers have to deal with people when they are at their worst, really stressed out and irrational. It is a tough job. We need to put more resourses into helping and training our Officers and not personal vendettas such as this one by Cheif Oats and yourself! If I have a life threatening event I want an Officer that will shoot the criminal if needed, maybe you would just invite the criminals in for milk and cookies and expect a different outcome. It must be nice to be able to sit back and hide behind the curtain of the 1st Amendment while others lay their lives on the line to give you this freedom. The citizens of Aurora are starting a petition to have the Mayor, City Manager and Cheif Oats removed or at the very least reprimanded. Hopefully your readers will find a more credible source for their news and information.

    • Giunger

      Gupta, you couldn’t have done it any better in writting you said, it all and your sooo right! Good for you! To bad there are not enough smart people like you on this topic.

  • Joetheoldneighbor

    I knew Falco and his family personally! They are all angry and down right HORRIBLE people! They think the world owes them ever since the Brittany Hill disaster. Good buy Chris falco well deserved firing!!!

    • Cat

      I agree, and I know them too, his wife was an old stripper that use to hangout at the local neighborhood bar and sell knockoff louis vuiton purses and tiffany jewelry.

      • Awish4dummies

        Jealous, she had the body and face I would too!

        • Giunger

          At least, she tried to make money and get out there unlike you stay home mommies getting old and grumpy and jealous!!!! The local bar or a mall, what is the difference……it’s fun!

      • Giunger

        SHE IS BEAUTIFUL AND SMART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • lawadvise4u

        I met her and she is HOT, and her husband is very very lucky. That, being a huge compliment. Good Luck to a adorable and smart couple.

    • Giunger

      I knew them and the family and your real bright to say Horrible for you to tell people who don’t care or know you! Let them be the judge of that,
      and he got his job back.

    • Kahuna’s Sentinel


  • Sickofcrookedcops

    Falco is nothing but a liability, God help the civil service commission if and when Falco makes another stupid decision and gets another person hurt or killed. CHRIS FALCO for once in your career, do what is right and RESIGN! The citizens of Aurora has suffered a lot over the last month, the last thing they need is to deal with an idiot like you!

    • Giunger

      You suffered? YOU! with your angry comment you need professional help!

    • Great Friends

      SICKOFGREATCOPS……Who suffered all you cops and civilians are not angels, and did the pay out come out of your pocket? Then, shut up.
      Officer Falco is back on the job cleared, cleared, cleared, cleared, and cleared. Oh, the chief left dodge Dan Oates fled like rat on THC.


  • Giunger

    Donald —- YOU ROCK!! Dave Perry is a disgusting editor and he should be fired!!! I know he and Chief Oates spoked bcuz how would this Perry guy write this? I spoke to Mrs. Falco, and she said, he and all others couldn’t care one ounce of anyone’s opinion! That, she does not even read any of them.

  • lawadvise4u


  • lawadvise4u

    Good try Chief oates to get this out through David Perry because know one knows him and especially cares about your & his opinion. I, understand that A.P.D., and Oates yourself have pending lawsuits of other police officers, whom think the same that someday, you will be gone along with the Mayor Steve. Ta-Ta

  • Kahuna’s Sentinel

    To all our fan’s……. Officer Falco back on duty with Aurora Police Department for some time now, and is still employed in a great police position. The Chief Dan Oates is gone, he left dodge and a real big mess with other staff and police officers. Good Bye Ex-Chief Oates!!
    JoeAnn owns her own boutique shop and is doing very well. $$$$$$$
    The Brittany Hill was not a disaster, we did not want the headaches with SRC and many expensive upgrades. We need everything in our power so all you losers, you have to try before get back up again or talk smack. Your comments are funny and very low IQ comments.
    So, all you snippy people below life is really good for the FALCO’s, and you all miserable jealous people. Just like Trump you may fall but you get up and start all over, no matter what loses say!

    This is from JoeAnn, may all you miserable people find the light and go for it.

  • Scott

    Oh, the Falco’s are suing many people and a small newspaper in 2015.
    No one knows them or the shooting incident if you know them, you aren’t their friend and they have many friends read what you want but none is true. Get a life, all you haters!

  • Gary

    Dan Oates is gone people, he is no longer the chief of Aurora Police Department. Dan Oates is gone and left town. The department could not be more thrilled especially Officer Falco and his wife.

  • Denver officer

    No mater what is stated here … The falcons are HORRIBLE people ! Tell me why Joeann has a profile of Jo Mary Felko on Facebook ? Because she’s a lier and an idiot ! My son in law is on the APD and he and fellow officers have no respect for C Falco, he is noted as “The Crybaby of the Department”! Lol