LETTER: Don’t kill the theater, too


I have a few positions to take concerning the Century 16 theater massacre, since I know personally or have connections to several of the people who were in theaters 8 and 9 who are, fortunately, still alive.

First, we need to stand up for our neighborhood theater, and not let that evil man’s actions scare us away from it.  My family and I were greeted by one of the victims of the Chuck E. Cheese’s murders just a few days before that heinous attack – that restaurant never reopened.  We can’t let that happen to the Century 16.

Second, in the days of reporting I have watched, I am sick of hearing the detailed descriptions of the firearms the shooter used, and how and where he bought them, in a straightforward attempt to further the media’s anti-gun bias.  They ignore the fact that he had the right to buy every gun he owned, because he had not committed a crime, and did not until Friday morning.  His choice to commit mass murder is not a license to attack a guaranteed Constitutional right.

Lastly, though I love the Century Theater, I have heard that it may be one of the many places around the country sucked into the politically correct nonsense of “gun-free zones.”  If this is true, then the innocent people who went to see a movie were sitting ducks rendered defenseless by a stupid policy, because the shooter didn’t care about their policy!  I realize that the dark, noisy, crowded conditions inside the theater would have made it more difficult, but try to imagine a different outcome if even one person with a concealed carry permit had been armed and ready.

I weep with my city, but as the vigil speakers said, we are Aurora, and we are strong – we will carry on!


Jim Kiel

  • theQ

    SORRY…obama is now going to regulate you out of bussiness by the new security regulations you’ll have to implement…too much money…down the crapper you go.

  • Randy

    Caring concealed weapons would not have helped this tragedy one bit. In fact it most likely would have made it more tragic. The police rushing in to help the victims would not know who was the perp and who was trying to defend themselves, leading the police into a situation where they would likely end shooting an innocent person. The answer to gun violence is not more guns.

  • Livin here

    What a shame that the City of Aurora wants to dictate to a private business what to do. Instead of trying to tear down a functioning business, they should put that energy into making the owners of blighted eyesores in the city clean them up. Fanfair continues to be a hazard, and hideous part of the Havana corridor. Broken walls, vagrants, and weeds growing on the roof are not addressed. Clean it up! Fix up this city so more viable business, like century will one.

  • There used to be a sign in there that specifically stated no weapons allowed. And that did nothing. Although I understand why some would like the theater to stay, many of us will never go there again. Oh they might say they will… but my guess is they will not.