Laughlin: Coffman conduct abysmal


As a three-year veteran of the Navy, I found Rep. Mike Coffman’s comments about President Obama — saying he is “not an American” — to be conduct unbecoming an officer. Not only is the President an American and the embodiment of the all-American dream that anyone can grow up to be president, he is our commander in chief. He deserves our respect, not just from those of us in uniform, but everyone. Not only should Coffman have apologized, he needs to public acknowledge Obama as our commander in chief.

If this is how Coffman introduces himself to Aurora and his new constituents in CD-6, insulting our president was a bad way to start.

Jeannie Laughlin, Aurora

  • guest

    Yeah, Mr. President does deserve our respect, but I didn’t see the liberals lining up to defend President Bush when he  was getting bashed and insulted in the most disrespectful display I have ever seen.  Oh well, double standards are fine. 

  • Frank25

    Jeannie, I served 26 years 18 days  and  Obama is Commander in Chief,  and president by vote.   But respecting him is something else.   He has done nothing to earn my respect, and would not have made a good airmen  in units I served in.  I  spent 9 years in personnel, administration, security and 4 of those was in technical intelligence. This was during Korea, cold war, and Vietnam era  (1950 to 1976).   Mike Coffman said he did not know where Obama was born,  but he was not American IN HIS HEART.   Media and Liberals conveniently forget to mention those last three words.    Before you criticize him,  google his resume on net.   If you can match it,  then you have earned the right to criticize.     I fully respect the office of the Presidency, but I do not have to respect the individual  until they earn it.   He cannot promise to see those serving now will get all their benefits, when 24 % of returning veterans are unemployed or underemployed  by his policies.   And his Dept. of Defense Directors are advocating taking my earned benefits, while giving them to those who never served (dependent children to age 26 of military,  covered by family policy, and also that is very expensive).  

  • Frank25

    one more comment:   After 9 years in first segment,  I retrained into Avionics and taught Greeks and Turks on F102 aircraft,  then taught Canadians and Air National Guard on F101, and we turned those aircraft.   My duties was Instructor Supervisor, also taught classes, and was unit Supply Officer with $12.0 million in assets as additional duty.   Out of an airplane, I retrained into Satellite Communications at Lamar Colorado  and became detachment commander, supply officer, and personnel officer to close the unit, ship the equipement back to NJ – Army and ship 20 personnel to next assignments.   Went to Hawaii to work as 1 of 5 to establish Satellite Command and Control for entire Pacific , working on shift as NCO in charge when POW came out of Hanoi  on way to Clark AFB.   So I have worked with good people and know who shows leadership and who does not.   Last assignment was installing TACSATCOM terminal  at NAVCOMSTA on Oahu for Presidential Support.   Then was one of 3 to represent AFCS Command in Omaha to design the SAC satellite terminal for Offutt AFB.  That is terminal President George W. Bush talked to nation from in 2001.    Obama has not shown me that type of leadership.  

  • gofastgo

    Dean Jeannie, what Coffman actually said was that the president was ‘not an American at heart’, and I agree wholeheartedly.  Have you read exerpts from any of his books?  Probably not, you seem a headline grabber, read between the around the lines, do the research.

    He has ‘bowed’ to Arabs, he has called Americans ‘arrogant’ and perhaps are getting what they deserve.  He is trying to put in place a Euopean-style Socialist society that won’t work.  It doesn’t work in Europe and won’t work here. 


  • Gofastgo

    I think the president cemented the fact that he is un-American in his heart.  For nothing more than votes in an election year, he granted (nothing to do with Congress, because they wouldn’t even vote on the Dream Act) by near executive order the amnesty of 800,000 illegals, people who are here illegally, NOT Americans, mostly Mexicans.  NO fence, NO enforcement of current law, NO deportations, just a guy looking to garner a few more votes. 

    This guy, the president, is deserving of all the bad press he deserves.

  • theQ

    I don’t care if your a 50 year veteran of the navy…if you have watched Obama in detail…every word…every action…you would know this man is the worst person in the world to represent america…what are u a outright idiot? Coffman is right and apparently you have your nose sniffing obama’s balls…so shut your uneducated and stupid mouth….lean the facts meathead….to bad you can’t put someone in prison for stupidity….you would be in there for eternity.