EDITORIAL: Resignation, not recall, is best step for Rep. Windholz

The serious and repugnant problem of Aurora's GOP state Rep. Joanne Windholz doesn't make the cut

One of the most important rights and tools against political corruption and malfeasance Colorado citizens have is the ability to recall elected officials who are not just inept, but dangerous to the state and citizenry.

The serious and repugnant problem of state Rep. Joann Windholz, R-Reunion, doesn’t make the cut.

Windholz is under fire for her misled, mistaken and maleficent comments about the November shooting siege at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic. On a Facebook post, Windholz — who lives in Adams County and represents north Aurora — blamed Planned Parenthood for the heinous murders and injuries, an attack carried out by an unhinged, well-armed extremist.

“Violence is never the answer but we must start pointing out who is the real culprit. The true instigator of this violence and all violence at any (Planned Parenthood) facility, is (Planned Parenthood) themselves. Violence begets violence. So (Planned Parenthood), YOU STOP THE VIOLENCE INSIDE YOUR WALLS.”

She has yet to apologize or recant the tirade, and it’s clearly the ramblings of a person dealing with character, educational and personality issues. The Aurora Sentinel and many in the community have called for her resignation and censure, and her repulsive commentary prompted a recall effort.

But this isn’t a place for recall. Earlier this year, voters in the Jefferson County School District successfully recalled three right-wing extremist school board members who were doing catastrophic and irreparable damage to the state’s largest school system. We supported the recall because there was no other remedy for school district residents to stop or even slow the train wreck those board members were engineering. Because of their malfeasance, the district was about to lose hundreds, if not more, of the best teachers it had, for good. This — on top of open meetings abuses, embarrassing calls for revisionist history curricula and more — gave voters no choice but recall. The destructive school board members had two years left in their terms and made it clear they would run the district over the cliff.

That’s not the case with Windholz. As offensive and disconcerting as are her recent rant and other comments about abortion, religion, guns, healthcare and more, she is but one vote in 65 in the Colorado House of Representatives, and her term essentially expires at the end of this legislative session in May. Windholz surprised the state by overtaking a former Democratic stronghold by a slim margin. Given her brief and unsavory record as a lawmaker, there’s little doubt that district voters will oust her if her own Republican Party doesn’t find another candidate to do it in a primary even before the general election.

While we strongly support the sentiment behind a recall effort, real and effective remedies to Windholz exist, precluding the political nuclear option. GOP leaders should remove her from any committee assignments, and the body of legislators themselves can censure her if she doesn’t step down.

There’s no doubt the GOP would like to retain this seat next year, so it’s surprising that they haven’t muscled her out already, given that she is a liability not only in her own election, but she is a potential toxin for others who are perceived to support her.

Republican leaders should persuade Windholz to apologize and step down. If they don’t, all legislators should work to minimize her role and ability to taint an already polarized and unharmonious system.

And those working to recall Windholz should immediately put their efforts into finding superior candidates from both parties to move Windholz aside, making it clear Aurora is not Colorado Springs, where elected leaders regularly inflict such atrocious rants with impunity. Finding candidates with better qualifications is going to be easy.

Text of State Rep. JoAnn Windholz’ Facebook post of Nov. 30, 2015:

Violence – Where it starts.

The freedoms we enjoy in the United States include those that were made up to fit the audience and unsubstantiated numerical support, specifically the right to an abortion. When a violent act happens at a Planned Parenthood (pph) facility (most recent in Colorado Springs) the left goes on “auto-pilot” blaming everyone insight when they should be looking in a mirror. Free Speech has brought to light the insidious selling of baby body parts (pph has no shame). These facts and overall mission of the abortion industry would easily send anyone over the hill who wasn’t rational.

The “war on women” is what pph began with Margaret Sanger and it has turned into a war on the family, especially children. It has changed children from a blessing to a commodity making it very hard to consider ourselves to be a civilized respectful rational society.

Violence is never the answer but we must start pointing out who is the real culprit. The true instigator of this violence and all violence at any pph facility, is pph themselves. Violence begets violence. So pph, YOU STOP THE VIOLENCE INSIDE YOUR WALLS. My question is, if abortions were free at pph, how long would they stay in business? Pro-Life organizations offer their caring services saving women and children for free every day and they clean up the mess that pph has left behind.

Pray Daily for the women who abort, their children, and the providers.


  • Robert Rissell

    I disagree. The remedy is indeed is recall. Do not rely on representatives other than your own to represent your position. Windholz’s unreasoned rant demonstrates her inability to perform valuate factual information and respond accordingly.

  • Frank2525

    Gee guys, Why would anyone in Jefferson county care what David Perry writes in Aurora Sentinel in Arapahoe County? And why does he have his knickers on fire? Is he afraid his mother will have retroactive abortion, and remove him? And I seem to have read that with the videos those few folks lied about photo shopped, and then lied about their agenda, to publish or distribute, HAS ACTUALLY INCREASED REQUEST FOR ABORTIONS. With increased same sex marriages (what a misnomer that is) , there should be less pregnancies, therefore less need for abortions. Isn’t someone confused about this very emotional issue, reasons for and against?
    Unless Dave is pregnant, what is his issue? With all the drug addled, pain ridden folks, and add in the ones still using alcohol and tobacco, it seems we have a druggie population. And that is borne out by number on unemployment, welfare, food stamps, and other benefits. Not even looking for work, or qualified to even perform menial tasks, if job is offered, I believe we have a problem, Houston? What does the others in Aurora think about this?

    • ryecatcher

      Speaking of dug addled folks, frank here is representative. frank’s drug of choice, “STUPIDITY”!

      • Frank2525

        Best advice I can give you, is buy Dinesh D’Souza’s book. You will find yourself described as “useful idiot” in his words, similar to Chamberlin in England, in WWII. Book: Stealing America by Progressives, Liberals, which translates to Democrats , and those who suck wind from them. Have good day, but I hope your New in 2017 turns sour with Hillary, Bernie, and O’Malley are not going to occupy oval office..

        By the way where do you buy your drugs, and get your vitriolic ideas?

        • ryecatcher

          Speaking of “vitriolic ideas”, I need a D’Souza book like I need a hole in the head.

          • Frank2525

            You said it, and I agree. That much intelligence would go right over your head. But everyone needs s crazy person in their attic, and you are it.

          • ryecatcher

            frank, you would agree to about any old thing. After all you’re a “trump” fan and easily baited.

            Need to calm down frank. Not good for your heart.

          • Frank2525

            Never met him in my life. Possibly would not recognize him, and for sure he has achieved more in life, on his level than I would have. But I have been an achiever in my life, and managed programs, policies, and done stuff. What have you done? And why do you think you are so much smarter than me or others, so you become an ankle biter, or back stabber.
            Walk into any one of those candidates to become the GOP or DNC candidate at convention, and security would throw your rear out, if you called them names or made statements about them as you have.
            Not that many years ago, I was on first name basis with majority of Colorado representatives, senators, governor and all of their staffs. So where are you coming from, to be even suggest I am insane, biased, prejudiced, or any other term you, and others have used? I have the photos, books, letters, and past emails, faxes they sent me, or called me about. So just shut up, and go pick on your dog, kick your wife, or what ever you do for jollies other than be unknown on net, with name made up. Non-achievers or unproven writers will never change me, my mind, or opinions. And that goes for others who read these comments. Many do, but do not express their own opinions. And I used to meet regularly with Aurora city council folks and even exchanged phone calls with them. Same went for Colorado legislators, until current group. Don’t have too much in common with some of those, having sat across table, and told them to their face I would never vote for them, or support them. And that goes for couple now campaigning for different office or position. (added edit): Nothing to do with their party. Before 2006, I was independent (registered as unaffiliated).

          • ryecatcher

            “What have I done” frank asks. frank certainly says he’s done lot’s of “stuff”. Indeed, stuff happens and it appears lots of “stuff” has happened in frank’s enduring yet intellectually blunted life filled with “stuff”.

            frank talks about throwing rears out, kicking wives, ankle biting and abusing animals. Alas, frank no longer has much in common with “some of those” types. Obviously he is referring to the non achievers and back stabbers he visualizes as he meditates and listens to the mesmerizing droning of his hero “quack trump”.

            frank will not be swayed by rhyme or reason especially by “unproven writers” the worst of all worlds according to frank. That’s what age and a closed mind does to you. Live in the past and whine. That’s the encapsulated version of frank and unfortunately the only version.

          • Frank2525

            Be sure to send all of this to Bernie, Hillary, and O’Malley. And by the way, what have you done that you are proud of? So far you have made it your career to criticize me, gofastgo, and retiree. Do you get your jollies from just that? And is that your life career? If so, go read the essay on New Yorker, titled “Pond Scum” about Henry Theaeou of On Walden Pond. Should keep you busy for next 2 or 3 months.

          • ryecatcher

            I prefer not to toot my accomplishment whistle before fools recognizing the futility of such a dumb ass endeavor. On the other hand, you seem to have a knack for it.

            No, I prefer to get my jollies elsewhere baiting you and goo man for starters.

            Don’t believe I’ve heard of Henry David Thoreau’s “On Walden Pond”. Sure you aren’t mistaking Thoreau’s essay “Walden” with the movie “On Golden Pond” starring the late Henry Fonda and Kate Hepburn? Great movie by the way! But then I’ll wager Jane Fonda’s appearance in the film has an old lifer like you spitting nails among other things.

            Still trying to figure out the connection with me and a lengthy New Yorker article critical of Thoreau. Clearly it’s some sort of crude connection in your mind attempting to assimilate, cognitively speaking, the utter void that exists between your ears.

            Have a nice day.

          • Frank2525

            Which translates to you have not done much with your life, typical progressive defense, and well described in Dinesh’s book. As for any problems with Thoreau, I read that book in high school, so pardon me if I changed something that titillates your mind. Now go talk to the animals in your yard, if you have one. Also not with all of your baiting, I have not called you a name, or departed from my Christian living. Though I have thought a few times of getting jawbone of an ass, just in case, and yours would be useful.

          • ryecatcher

            Like all sanctimonious holier than thou’s, you fit the bill. Judgmental and blind. You know what Jesus thought about those things. Hypocrite!

            You can bite my ass anytime frank. You already have, many times.

            Have a nice day.

  • davebarnes

    You are ignorant.
    1. Adams County.
    2. Fewer pregnancies, not less. Grammar Nazi Alert.

    • Frank2525

      Since you posted this after my posting and you like a different word (semantics) what is your beef. If we really want to find out who started the original violence, I seem to be reading a lot in media and on net, about rape on colleges, on the streets, and in male-female relationships? Could it be many of these pregnancies are result of rape, by boyfriend, husband, or some stranger who grabs and rapes? Would that not be the original violent act, so perhaps we need DNA to establish just who to punish.
      I have never been involved with any such action, so no one needed an abortion because of me. Now if any of the others who posted, were, that would be another story. Right? And if you were picking at me, Dave, I hope you got your jollies with that, since I do believe others would get my meaning. And in my college courses, and teaching training, I was told that any means of speaker getting meaning to recipient, whether by hands, motions, speech, writing was proper. Main idea was to transfer information, and ensure it was understood. So with 130 languages being used in our K12 schools (28J) in Aurora, I am sure teachers are using any means available. Keep that in mind, in case some of those ask you a question, or want some info from you on street, in store, or wherever.

      • ryecatcher

        Another of frank’s wingers! Cue the laugh machine.

  • Aldo Elmnight

    Abortion is MURDER. Abortion after 5 weeks from conception stops a BEATING HEART. Abortion causes psychological trauma to the mother and father. Abortion is an evil that needs to be removed from the planet. Those supporting abortion are supporting a SATANIC EVIL.

    • ryecatcher

      aldo sounds like a mental case. Correction, “Is” a mental case.

  • Aldo Elmnight

    This is the first time I have seen the entire facebook comment posted on the sentinel. I support Windholz even more now.