EDITORIAL: Obama in 2012 for the survival of the middle class

This much is crystal clear, the very foundation of what Romney and many Republicans are proposing is undoubtedly the exact same policy that pushed the U.S. economy to the brink of disaster four years ago

How many times will Americans go through this?

No matter how hard we try, we cannot wish ourselves out of the economic mess we have created. After months of listening to presidential campaign hyperbole, spin and outright lies, Mitt Romney has made no credible or compelling argument to put him in the White House.

FILE – In this Oct. 3, 2012, file photo combo, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama speak during their first presidential debate at the University of Denver, Colo. In a September Pew Research Center poll 48 percent of registered voters said Obama was more “honest and truthful,” to 34 percent who felt Romney was. And a CBS News/New York Times survey earlier in September asked separately whether each candidate was honest and trustworthy: 58 percent of likely voters described Obama that way while 53 percent said that of Romney. (AP Photo/David Goldman/Eric Gay)

One thing that most Americans can agree on when it comes to presidential politics is that this White House election is about the U.S. economy, or what’s left of it.

Americans are often an impatient, short-sighted and sometimes recklessly forgetful lot. Romney’s growing popularity highlights that.

Just four years ago, this country was on the verge of economic ruin. The United States wasn’t just facing tough economic weather, we came horrifyingly close to having runs on banks, banking and monetary failure, catastrophic layoffs and a monetary tsunami that would have swept around the globe. That’s not hyperbole.

But because of a rare bipartisan moment, a lame-duck Congress, former President George W. Bush and then President Barack Obama were able to pull the country, and the very world, back from the edge of the biggest global calamity in human history.

The phrase, “too big to fail” became part of the global lexicon. It still is.

The country, fighting two consuming and wildly expensive wars in the Middle East, could have stepped back from the developing cataclysm, let massive banking concerns and other industries fail and see trillions of dollars belonging to millions of Americans evaporate. Instead, a majority in Congress and Obama spent hundreds of billions of dollars shoring up the car industry, the finance industry and others. Congress spent hundreds of billions of dollars on backing states that were on verge of failing financially. Money was doled out in huge stimulus projects to infuse cash back into the U.S. and regional American economies.

It was a giant risk that lawmakers agreed was imperative because the greater risk was the disaster assured if the government just stood back.

Now, four years later, the country is emerging with a different job base and many of the same problems. People are still scared. Consumers are still reluctant, and businesses are still struggling or dubious about finances.

Voters can’t make a good decision on the future without understanding the immediate past. That’s what’s led us to where we are today. Minimizing the recent past or rewriting it will lead to a bad decision. Voting for Romney would be a bad decision. It’s unclear just what he really wants to do if elected because many of his plans don’t reveal critical details. Those are details that will affect hundreds of millions of middle class Americans barely able to hang on financially right now.

But this much is crystal clear, the very foundation of what Romney and many Republicans are proposing is undoubtedly the exact same policy that pushed the U.S. economy to the brink of disaster four years ago. Former President Bush also believed that cutting taxes for wealthy Americans would spur job growth and ultimately create more money for the U.S. government to spend or pay off old debt.

The opposite happened. Expensive wars and declining revenue that put more cash in the hands of wealthy Americans only made for a country nearly crippled by debt and wealthy Americans becoming wealthier. The poor, and especially the middle class, suffered slowly for eight years, ending up with less money and fewer opportunities than when Clinton left office. Too much American cash now goes offshore in a global investment economy to benefit the American working class. Romney’s plan would only help feed the economies and banks from other places in the world, mostly China.

To return to a policy of “wishing” that failed policies might work better this time is a sure recipe for disaster here in Aurora, and across the country.

Four years ago, Obama riveted the nation by explaining to them that we cannot do things the same way we have for generations. A global economy fueled by rapid technological and environmental concerns was apathetic to America’s former place in the sun. If we don’t change, we will be left behind. And this is what being left behind looks like, Aurora.

Sadly, we are so impatient and so easily led astray by a media-infused world focusing on sound bites that we are unwilling to do the hard work, back the hard decisions and implement the hard changes to right our wayward nation. Following a misguided Romney vision, we hand over the reigns of the world to China, India and the European Union.

We cannot go back, Aurora. The Internet, global warming, outsourced jobs and obsolete industries have changed the world, and we must change with it.

Obama’s plan continues to call for those changes that won’t be easy, nor will they be popular for some time. But unless we make fundamental changes in the economy, health care, in research, in public education, and in civil rights, we will become powerless over the future.

We cannot pull the rug from under the middle class that has built their entire lives upon having Social Security, Medicare, affordable colleges and a reasonable expectation to make a living wage. Romney’s plan undermines just that.

Whether the issue is gay rights, the fate of millions of illegal immigrants, job creation, foreign relations, empowerment of women or how best to make it so we can all afford to get to work and back, Obama has laid out a practical, detailed and sensible route to move us into a future where we call the shots.

  • Great article (as I’ve come to expect from this newspaper (actual NEWS!!! What a refreshing change in today’s “news” world!!! Thanks for sharing it on Facebook! 🙂

  • Frank25

    Would you follow-up with article explaining just where I can find this “practical, detailed and sensible route to move us into a future”? is. I can’t seem to find it anywhere. I can google wikipedia for Romney and read almost 70 pages of his past, where he showed leadership, management skills,gave away his inheritance from father, tithed to his church, and helped others who were not Mormons. But I do not find that about Obama, though I own both of the books he supposedly wrote, and several by Dr. Corsi, Bob Woodward, and even BARRACK, The Story by David Maraniss, Washington Post Editor that recites 6 generations of the Dunham and Obama family, AND NONE OF THEM SHOW THAT WONDERFUL PLAN. PLEASE WRITE FOR ALL EASTERN COLORADO. District 06 and 07 are pretty evenly split between Democrats, Republicans, and unaffiliated, so do publish for all of us, not just the Democratic party. I did not see that plan exercised in past 4 years, as evidenced by all the vacant business buuildings in Aurora.

    • reader

      I agree with you, where can we find this “practical, detailed and sensible route to move us into a future? I would like the Sential to publish it.

    • Foxfire2

      Do you not know how to do your own research? How old are you? What grade did you complete in school? Try searching the White House and Congressional databases for the American Jobs Act that has been sitting before the House for the last year, the budget proposed by Obama that calls for $2 in spending cuts for the each dollar in revenue, the bill rolling back the $4 bil in tax credits for oil companies that the House rejected, the bill passed by the Senate but rejected by the House that continues tax cuts for the middle class while raising taxes on income over $250,000, the bill rejected by the House limiting speculation in oil futures that would reduce the price of gasoline, that should give you somewhere to start. But if you’d rather “trust” Romney than see a plan that makes sense you just may get what you deserve. Unfortunately, the rest of us will have to pay the price as well.

  • mike

    this is so bias it makes me sick.this is the type of writing this city paper has went to.I will no longer even contribut or support this paper.every paper ,company trys to perswade us voters to your belifes.let us vote without your trying to make us vote your way.that is why this is america.please stop trying to fool american voters.with your antices…….SHAME ON YOU.

    • Robert

      You do know that that big word in all caps at the very beginning “editorial” means it’s supposed to be bias right? Clearly the American educational system has failed you and you only reinforce the concerns of this editorial.

  • voter

    read my lips — tax cuts for the rich do not create jobs.
    The middle class are the job creators. When the middle class does well,
    they spend money, thus improving the economy.
    We tried tax cuts for the rich and it did not work. Why do you believe
    it will work if we do it again. It’s insane!

  • Ridgehart

    Well done -Im extremely proud of Aurora and your commentary.Bullying by anyone here in these postings is always telltale of a Conservative.

  • Frank25

    Foxfire, and others. I do my own research and you and I have had a couple other differences expressed in papers. I cannot believe the Sentinel advising us to vote for two carpet baggers from Denver, who moved into Aurora to vote against incumbents. I cannot take their advice when they moved out of building , along with Dex at Parker Road-I225 leaving that building vacant and the other buildings in that business complex. Red Lions Hotel sold out to others, and it went downhill with over 1,000 guest on New Years party roaming the hall and shooting up the place. Large auto supply store on Chambers and Alameda closed that was a going concern for years, and now vacant. Along with most of the other buildings in that part of town. And all the vacant stores in Aurora Shopping Area north side of Alameda. And how can anyone think we have turned economical corner with stock market down 209 points over weekend. I was middle class 4 years ago, and now am in lo-income bracket. I can find 70 pages of Romney in Wikipedia , all referenced and documented. Obama is still a ghost, with no documented history. Is that enough for you? I am 83, served 26 years in military, personnel, security, intelligence, avionics, and retired from Satellite Communications. Was in pioneer grouping when military first got into actually using satellites, after research and studies. First terminal was at Lamar Colorado , carrying communications from Shemya Alaska and connecting to AT&T cable to Cheyenne Mountain for NORAD and Norther Command when it came into existence. I would prefer a President who did not golf, blay basketball and go on vacation after bombing the middle east countries, then leaving his ambassador and staff without security or protection.

  • Frank25

    For Foxfire: Will note your specific items now: About March 2009, after Obama had signed some executive orders, and put names forward for cabinet positions, and we found they had not paid their taxes, so was fumbling around, I wrote email to WH as I had during prior administrations. Very next day I got back email supposedly signed by Axlerod, thanking me for email, and did not reflect on what I had written. Gave me “boilerplate”, and informed me all was “peachy keen” and they were hard at work making it better. You may have been satisfied with that reply, but I have seen a “bedbug” letter before in Readers Digest. You are probably not old enought to have read that (about 1960) but would share if you ask. Now to proceed: Obama has attacked the Supreme Court, the Congress, and has blamed George W. Bush, as well as prior presidents for 4 years. House has passed many bills, but none have come to vote or discussion by decree of Harry Reid in Senate. As for $2.00 spending cuts for each dollar raised in debt ceiling, that is losing proposition. Debt ceiling went up 5 Trillion Dollars in 4 years. Government take more away from gasoline pumps per gallon , then producer, pipeline company, refinery, or gas station owner takes. Not to add the excessive fine that EPA charge them for not putting additive in, that does not exist except in EPA standard , based on a laboratory product. That adds cost per gallon of gas too. And I noiticed my income tax on same income of year before with no COLA (2 pensions) was higher in 2012. And will go up again, if congress does not stop it. Also Electric and Natural Gas to heat and cool house has more than doubled in last 4 years. I don’t trust WH, Senate, or most of House now. Do you? if so, why?

  • LIAR ALERT: the commentator is a lying liberal hack for obama so anything he says means nothing.