DURST: Oh, My Akin Ideology!

Now, we expect our anthropoidal troglodytes to believe stupid stuff; we're just not used to hearing their inane anthropoidal troglodytic beliefs articulated out loud. Refreshing and depressing at the same time.

Mining humor out of Missouri Senate hopeful Todd Akin’s barrage of claptrap is tougher than eating frozen jerky in a rowboat on the eyewall of Hurricane Isaac. Normally, rape and funny live in two different solar systems, whose orbits rarely if ever intersect with significantly different trajectories and fields of gravity, if you catch our drift.

But this guy’s historic and colossally moronic remark is the very exception that proves the rule winning him in one fell brimming swoop, the Joe Biden “Foot So Deep In His Mouth He’s Probably Tickling His Spleen with His Shoelaces” Lifetime Achievement Award.

During an interview with St. Louis television station KTVI, the Republican Congressman told a reporter, that from what he understands from doctors, women who are legitimately raped don’t get pregnant. And the plopping noise across the country from mouths dropping open was loud enough to wake every student at Gallaudet University.

Now, we expect our anthropoidal troglodytes to believe stupid stuff; we’re just not used to hearing their inane anthropoidal troglodytic beliefs articulated out loud. Refreshing and depressing at the same time.

Wow. Where do you start? Legitimately raped? Suffice it to say that no qualifying adverb is ever necessary in front of that particular noun. Especially from a man. And what does he mean by “legitimate”? It seems to infer something exists that could be known as “illegitimate” rape but, oh no, we’re not going there. As redundant as Halloween in San Francisco. Boring in Burlington. Hot in hell.

Next to the abstracted nonsense of his feeble-minded opinion, it’s the casual attribution that rankles. Here’s a man running for the U.S. Senate using medieval wives’ tales as philosophical justification. And he’s a member of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology? Let’s hope his concentration is on space and technology. Notwithstanding the space between his ears.

Also makes one worry about the state of the medical profession in Missouri. Is the Show Me State overrun with puritanical shamans? Thirteenth century barbers? Filipino psychic surgeons? Physician bags stuffed with snake oil and leeches? Do their white jackets have long, long sleeves that wrap around the back where they’re buckled real tight?

The inundation was so overwhelming it came close to rendering Chris Matthews speechless. Almost. While an oblivious Akin tried to walk back his clueless comments, the GOP brought out the industrial-strength cattle prods to walk him back over a cliff. Steep drop. Sharp rocks. Big waves.

Republicans needed to reignite a War on Women right before their national convention the same way a fireworks factory needs a grease fire on July 3rd and the entire party rented jet skis to rooster-tail away from the eye of stupidity as far and fast as possible.

The storm surge of Hurricane Akin washed a bit of the shine off Golden Boy, Paul Ryan, as well. He and Akin have a history of introducing bills to redefine rape, and both oppose a woman’s right to choose following one. Not a problem for Romney though. Who thinks completely different. Or doesn’t. No one’s quite sure.

Thus far, the Tea Party favorite is determined to stay in and go full-term. And Democrats across the nation are shouting themselves hoarse fanning the waves of this deluge, while whispering words of encouragement hoping this testament of dark bewilderment exercises his god-given right to remain consummately cretinous in public. To Election Day! And beyond!

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    Instead the Dems will pick apart every stupid thing they can find to deflect the conversation to other than the real isues.
    Birth control and lies about Medicare and SS, all the while the country is $16 Trillion in debt and the current guy continues on the path to third world status, smiling all the way.

  • voter

    If you mean by “current guy” President Obama, I find your unfounded opinion
    If you want to talk about lies…..how about the HUGE lie Romney is advertising in 6 diffferent commercials about President Obama getting rid of the work requirement for welfare. This is not true, and has been branded as “pants on fire” on
    Romney has been caught in many, many untruths. He knows they are untrue…..
    just catering to the white voters. Obviously, Romney’s lies are important to you,
    as well as issues relating to women’s issues.

    • soccer mom

      Lies go both way. If you listen to Channel 4 – 10 PM news – they do a fact check on both the Republican and Democratic ads. They are equally wrong. They also contain partial truths!!! Just enough to get you to believe them. I think there should be a federal government bill passed to make unlawful NEGATIVE political ads. Only political ads that tells the voters what the politican stands for should be allowed. He should not be able to tell the voters what the other guy stands for or against.