Woman facing charges in Aurora theater shooting scam

AURORA | A 19-year-old Aurora woman is due in court next week after police say she swindled donors hoping to give to victims of the Aurora theater shootings.

Katherine Elizabeth Peroni, 19, is due in court Sept. 11 on a misdemeanor theft charge, according to police reports. Police say Peroni posed as the caretaker for a girl named Kadence, whose mother Monica was shot during the July massacre at the Century Aurora 16 theater. In all 12 people were killed and 58 were wounded, but police said none of the victims’ names were Monica.

The scam fell apart, police said, when one of the donors received a call from Peroni imitating the made-up child.

Police said Peroni collected several toys and also had a Paypal account with more than $500 in it.

When police confronted Peroni on Aug. 1, she admitted to making the story up and said she did it for attention.

Aurora police spokesman Officer Frank Fania said other than Peroni’s case, investigators haven’t received any reports of possible scams stemming from the theater shootings.

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    This young woman is my granddaughter and I just came across this article (sent to me by her father). She has a very legitimate disability. But, I have never been more ashamed in my life, and so sorry for the people she scammed. I hope the judge ‘spanks’ her good. I also agree with another comment which stated they thought she should have a stiffer penalty than a misdemeanor. She went all over Facebook with her search for sympathy-(and probably money)at the time of the shootings, and I didn’t buy into it then, or in fact-I didn’t even believe she had a friend by that name. I figured she was just up to old tricks, trying to get whatever sympathy she could from whoever would give it to her. She was not raised by her father or stepmother to behave this way-but they only had custody of her from 14 years old. And, she has had a better example in this grandmother-but she has gone her own way now. Up until about two months ago, she had a stepmother who supported her physically with a place to live, numerous surgeries, school, you name it. Her father is a hard working man who supported her financially and with insurance to cover her multiple surgeries and dental work-so there was no need for her to be crying that she needed money. I would starve before I would do anything like this. There is nothing wrong with her mentally. She is physically challenged. Now, she is living with her 30 year old boyfriend, and I am assuming he supports her. I don’t understand why she would do this. I am so sorry for the victims of the shootings and sorry for the victims of her scam. I wish I could feel sorry for her now, but she has not made my day.

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