What’s the world’s most expensive car to you?

A few days ago, this ultra-rare 1962 Ferrari GTO built for and signed by Stirling Moss just sold for $35 million in a private sale making it the most expensive car in the history of everything.

The previous record, according to Automobile Magazine here, was probably for a 1936 Type 57SC Bugatti Atlantic that sold for around $30 million to $34 million.


This one is $35 million better and for good reason, it’s a Ferrari. UK host Chris Evans bought a similar 1962 GTO for $18 million (which I think was James Garner’s or Steve McQueen’s, I don’t remember) a few years ago, but the Moss connection makes this one so cool.

The question is now, what do you think the most expensive car in the world should be? Living or dead?

Bugatti Type 41 Kellner Coupe? Model T No. 1? Beetle No. 1?

Or Alfa Romeo Giulia T22 Carrozzata Zagato? Because if length of name determined price, this thing would be over right now.

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