President Clinton at Aurora’s Hinkley High School charges up Dem voter ground game

"It feels like deja vu," said Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet, recalling how Clinton came four years ago to save Bennet's own flagging campaign.

AURORA | President Bill Clinton starred Monday night at Aurora’s Hinkley High School during the third major push in a week to get  Democrat voters to turn in ballots for tight races across the state and the region.

The former president urged Democrats to ignore polls showing their party is unlikely to retain control of the U.S. Senate, telling the Aurora  crowd to resist cynicism and redouble their efforts to get out the vote. About 1,600 Democratic Party volunteers and faithful turned out to see the former president shore up the shaky campaigns of Sen. Mark Udall, Gov. John Hickenlooper and former Colorado House Speaker Andrew Romanoff.

Aurora has found itself in the center of a local and national political storm, where three of the country’s most expensive and contentious races are being fought in a state and city that has turned from “red” to “purple.” Aurora has taken to sending only Democrats to the the state legislature. Hillary Clinton appeared at a similar rally just last week in Aurora. First Lady Michelle Obama starred at rallies in Denver and Ft. Collins just a few days later.

Party officials said Clinton kicks off an effort to score votes by sending out 6,004 volunteers working 8,500 shifts  across the state during the next nine days.

Clinton spoke against criticisms of local Democrats, saying their opponents were capitalizing on the misery of the mid-term political season. The former president said midterm elections in a president’s second term are dominated by appeals to vent frustration at the president by voting out others in his party. He accused Republicans of trying to get people to “just vote your fears and your anger.”

He told cheering volunteers to help get others to resist that, and keep the top elected positions in the state Democrat if they want continued progress and less partisan fighting.

Mark Udall, “Is the poster boy for bi-partisan,” Clinton told a jubilant crowd with his customary folksy jabs. “Cory Gardner wants you to stop thinking. (Because) If you thought,  you would vote for Mark Udall.”

Clinton said Republican Senate hopefuls are asking voters to give them a six-year job as a way of showing dislike for a president who will be gone in two. Gardner, who has a narrow lead on Udall in many recent polls, frequently criticizes Udall for how often he sides with President Barack Obama.

“It’s a pretty slick deal,” Clinton said with a laugh. “He wants to take Mark Udall off the ballot and put the president on the ballot.”

National Democrats are throwing all their weight at keeping Udall’s seat. Colorado could decide whether Republicans or Democrats control the chamber.

Clinton took shots at the three Republican candidates in Colorado’s most contentious races, including gubernatorial hopeful Bob Beauprez and Aurora Congressman Mike Coffman.

Clinton used familiar Colorado Democratic campaign talking points to ask why voters would switch gears in the governor’s office, pointing to the state’s economic development and job growth.

“What are we arguing about?”Clinton said. “What they’ve done is said, ‘forget about what your opponent’s done and just vote your man.'”

Clinton took a brief shot at Coffman, dissing the 6th Congressional District incumbent’s immigration comments against the DREAM Act.

“If Colorado is a state of the future, you’ll send Andrew Romanoff to Congress,” Clinton said.

Coffman’s campaign spokesman defended Coffman’s stance and votes on immigration, saying others who also care deeply admire the two-term Republican incumbent.

“Bill Clinton should have bothered asking the author of the DREAM Act, Democratic Congressman Luis Gutierrez, who praised Mike Coffman as a “leader” on immigration,” said Coffman campaign spokesman Tyler Sandberg.

Area Republicans are planning a similar rally Wednesday starring former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who is increasingly becoming a potential presidential contender for 2016. Coffman is expected to attend that event.

Before the president took the lectern, candidates and others stayed the recent campaign course, striking a difference between parties and candidates as far as women issues, especially pay equity and reproductive rights.

Udall and others alluded to his campaign lagging in recent polls and other races being tight or slipping.

“It feels like deja vu,” said  Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet, recalling how Clinton came four years ago to save Bennet’s own flagging campaign. “What we knew then was we had the people of State of Colorado, and we weren’t going to let this seat be bought.”

Bennet took shots at fiery GOP rhetoric to undo healthcare and other Democratic gains.

“You see these guys on TV saying they want to take the country back. They don’t say from whom or what century,” Bennet said.

Aurora Sentinel staffers Rachel Sapin and Marla Keown reporting from Hinkley High School.  The Associated Press contributed to this story. 


Democratic Party members wait at Aurora's Hinkley High School to hear President Bill Clinton and other during a get-out-the-vote event to benefit Aurora Congressional candidate Andrew Romanoff, Sen. Mark Udall and Gov. John Hickenlooper. PHOTO BY MARLA KEOWN


Baby4udal as Democratic Party members wait at Aurora’s Hinkley High School to hear President Bill Clinton and other during a get-out-the-vote event to benefit Aurora Congressional candidate Andrew Romanoff, Sen. Mark Udall and Gov. John Hickenlooper. PHOTO BY MARLA KEOWN


Democratic Party members wait at Aurora's Hinkley High School to hear President Bill Clinton and other during a get-out-the-vote event to benefit Aurora Congressional candidate Andrew Romanoff, Sen. Mark Udall and Gov. John Hickenlooper. PHOTO BY MARLA KEOWN


Gov. John HIckenloper at the lectern: Democratic Party members wait at Aurora's Hinkley High School to hear President Bill Clinton and other during a get-out-the-vote event to benefit Aurora Congressional candidate Andrew Romanoff, Sen. Mark Udall and Gov. John Hickenlooper. PHOTO BY MARLA KEOWN


Andrew Romanoff


Sen. Mark Udall and President Bill Clinton at Hinkley High School in Aurora

Mark Udall

U.S. Sen. Mark Udall, D-Colo., makes point before former President Bill Clinton speaks during appearance at a high school in Aurora, Colo., to promote the state's Democratic candidates in the upcoming general election on Monday, Oct. 27, 2014. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

Mark Udall

U.S. Sen. Mark Udall, D-Colo., greets supporters before former President Bill Clinton makes appearance at a high school in Aurora, Colo., to promote Colorado's Democratic candidates in the upcoming general election on Monday, Oct. 27, 2014. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

Betsy Markey, Michael Bennet

U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo., right, points to Democratic candidate for Colorado's secretary of state office, Betsy Markey, before former President Bill Clinton makes appearance at a high school in Aurora, Colo., to promote the state's Democratic candidates in the upcoming general election on Monday, Oct. 27, 2014. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

Joe Garcia, John Hickenlooper

Colorado Lt. Gov. Joe Garcia, left, joins with Gov. John Hickenlooper in showing the crowd the matching messages written on their arms that they have voted before former President Bill Clinton speaks during an appearance at a high school in Aurora, Colo., to promote Colorado's Democratic candidates in the upcoming general election on Monday, Oct. 27, 2014. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

Michael Bennet

U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo., joins members of crowd to listen to former President Bill Clinton during appearance at a high school in Aurora, Colo., to promote Colorado's Democratic candidates in the upcoming general election on Monday, Oct. 27, 2014. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

Mark Udall, Bill Clinton

Former President Bill Clinton, right, joins U.S. Sen. Mark Udall, D-Colo., in acknowledging the crowd during appearance at a high school in Aurora, Colo., to promote Colorado's Democratic candidates in the upcoming general election on Monday, Oct. 27, 2014. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

Mark Udall, Joe Neguse, John Hickenlooper, Andrew Romanoff, Betsy Markey, Joe Garcia, Bill Clinton, Michael Bennet

Former President Bill Clinton, seven from left, joins Colorado Democratic candidates in waving to crowd after Clinton's appearance at a high school in Aurora, Colo., to promote Democratic candidates in the upcoming general election on Monday, Oct. 27, 2014. The candidates are, from left, U.S. Sen. Mark Udall, D-Colo., candidate for state tresurer Joe Neguse, Gov. John Hickenlooper, candidate Andrew Romanoff for the 6th congressional seat, secretary of state candidate Betsy Markey, Lt. Gov. Joe Garcia, and U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

  • Frank2525

    Bill Clinton is not that popular with me, as I remember paying 15% interest on a mortgage during his first administration. With Newt Gingrich in House 2nd term, I was able to refinance that down to 9%, later to 7% and pay it off quicker. And if Newt had not shut down government to get his attention, he would never have changed from his first term policies. He and Democrats have bragged ever since of balancing budget in 2nd term, but National Debt still went up. So I don’t see him as a plus. But he was a better POTUS than this one, even with his moral problems. He taught high school kids a new type of sexual activity, and also to lie to judges and courts. If women want to vote for Udall, on his say so, we know where war on women started. I am not that pleased with Hickenlooper or Romanoff in Federal office either. Remember who campaigned on one issue, and this was same across the nation. None of the Democrats ran on their records, and their PACS really went off the trail with their trashy ads. I think it is time to see names of the actors and actresses, with zip codes where they live in all political ads. Could even make them more responsible.

    • Silver Fox

      Frankie – Clinton left Bush’ie with a decreasing debt and a county in good shape only to have Bush’ie and his buddies destroy everything in 8 short years. Mr. Obama has returned the our magnificent country back to the status it once held with unemployment down, inflation down, jobs increasing, energy prices down. We are well on the road to stabilization and once again a county that offers opportunity for success for those that seek to enjoy it.

      • Frank2525

        Foxie, You have the cooked books percentages down just as WH put them out. The actual numbers do not show that. More adults came into working age, and others quit looking for jobs. There not enough jobs for everyone. I checked the ones listed in Colorado, with a new labor finding database. WHOA. All the jobs are listed for folks who want to move to other states, at half time jobs, and minimum wages, except for a few higher paying ones. I have seen nothing so far that makes my senior years any less challenging, after losing $80,000 in value of my home. This caused by illegal immigration, and the trashing of the homes of those who came, trashed, and moved on with no intentions of becoming USA citizens. Had the lovely experience of 13 bachelor (20 to 30 year old) living next door in 2006-07. So take your glowing words back and find a new outlet. I am done with you, and I suspect you to be a Liberal TROLL. I know my assets, and what happened to them in past 6 years.

        • Silver Fox

          Frankie – really – your assets and what happened to them? You must have pulled out of the market at the bottom and stayed out. Most wise folks rode out the correction and are now doing fine. Time for a new financial adviser Frankie. A liberal troll or a conservative tool. At least I know how to save and invest…

        • Duane

          Frank, Buying high and selling low is not a strategy I would follow. But you are free to continue investing like this. It is a free country. I will bet your broker loves you.

          • Frank2525

            Now I know why Foxie and Duane write such stupid stuff. They don’t read what others have written, or even check what I wrote. No where in any post of mine, have I ever mention Gold-Silver-stock market, and I quit buying bonds long ago, when I cashed in my war bonds, and later CDs. I never had enough funds, serving in military at peasant wage compared to what the WH geeks get now, and what the 1% and 10? get. If I can’t effect the market, I don’t go there. No, Clinton’s policies, and now Obama’s depleted my properties, by opening the border, and letting my property be trashed by last tenant I had. Sold that in 2003, from Clinton policies. But you emigrants from other states don’t seem to understand what happens when Denver and Aurora became Sanctuary Cities under Ritter, Hickenlooper and Colorado quit enforcing the law that Gov. Owens signed in 2006. But good came from that, then, because a lot of 3/4 and 1 ton dualys pickups, pulling trailers loaded high, had their Mexican permit, and headed back across the border after 1 July 2006. Problem was all did not go south, so my neighbors and others like them in this part of Aurora, depreciated properties back to 1960-70 values. Now do you get it? Last I am going to reply to either of you TROLLS.

          • Silver Fox

            Frankie, maybe if you would stop babbling one could make some sense from your drivel…. and the name calling – really? Name calling is so effective that children use it… 🙂

    • Duane

      When Bill Clinton left office he left the United States of America with peace and prosperity. When Bush left office we were in financial crisis, >3000 Americans dead with > 3000 military dead in two failed wars. Democrats always have to clean up after the GeeOhPee.

      • Frank2525

        Go tell Romanoff, Hickenlooper, Udall, that. They believe it, since they talk to ex-mayor Bloomberg and Obama. White House talking head chirps that crap all the time. I don’t believe it, because I lost my retirement assets under Clinton, and Obama is finishing the job. You trolls will have to find new territory after January 2015 too.

  • siouxbee

    Bill Clinton speaking at a high school – young impressionable girls – now THAT’S a formula for disaster. I’m sorry, I wouldn’t trust either Clinton as far as I could throw them. I have read too many books about their Arkansas Politics. I remember reading that Vince Foster had remarked that when he (and the Clintons) first came to Washington, he thought they were the good guys. I guess Vince just knew too much.

  • Jeff Anttila

    It’s always a challenge in an election year.

    Bill Clinton found a way to run the Government, and create a budget surplus. Today, with strong leadership, the ability to say “No” occurs and Colorado still runs with a budget surplus. In California, it’s another story, made into a movie and then a followup movie.

    Anyone want to watch the 3rd film of Steve Jobs life? California wants to sell you some tickets.

    Still, if you have a good enough idea, you can do things here that California can’t do. Look at California’s VC firms that want to quickly cash-in and Leyden Energy as an example.

    Colorado has a patent office now. I think you should be real proud of that work Senator Bennett, and Udall accomplished.

    • Silver Fox

      Thanks Jeff – Colorado has had good leadership moving our state forward. Let’s not go back to where we were. Let’s keep Colorado moving forward with Hickenlooper, Udall and Romanoff!

    • MrColorado

      You can’t compare the economies of Colorado with California. At least not with a straight face. Apples and oranges, but nice try.

    • Frank2525

      Yeah. Clinton found a way to balance the budget and create a surplus. Quote.
      That way was his policies in first term got Newt Gingrich elected as Speaker of House, and a majority of Republicans. Newt shut government down for about 20 days, and got Bill’s attention. Realized he was going to have to cooperate, or get nothing done. And House just did not let Democrats spend as much as they projected-anticipated, so that looked like a budget surplus. However, the National Debt still went up. Only in Washington, can you project to spend more, then spend less, and call that balancing the budget. That cost Newt his position, and Democrats have used that hammer ever since. Even to closing our National Parks, Memorials, and Cemeteries which were in public view, AND BLAMING REPUBLICANS IN THIS ADMINISTRATION. HOWEVER, DIRECTOR OF PARKS AND MEMORIALS HAD ORDERED THOSE SIGNS RIGHT AFTER 2012 ELECTION, HAD THEM PRINTED, DISTRIBUTED, AND THEY WENT INTO PLAY, ALL IN ONE DAY, EVEN IN FRANCE. Where in Government can that happen in one day? You Liberals don’t really think those sprouted because of Republicans. AND HOUSE HAD PASSED BILL TO FUND ALL GOVERNMENT FUNCTIONS, EXCEPT ACA (OBAMACARE). DEMOCRATS ARE HYPOCRITES. And That was brought home to me in 2006 big time. And I yelled on purpose, since Democrats can absorb some of that.

  • MrColorado

    It’s sad what our government has become. Political parties taking pot shots at each other with the media stirring the pot (thanks, Dave). No wonder they can’t get anything done.

  • Frank2525

    Another comment to Foxie’s a few minutes ago: She (?) jumped right over my comment of the last 6 years of this administration. Though the comment said county, I suspect it was meant to be country, but possibly the County is more accurate for Clinton. Just because Newt Gingrich did not let the Democrats spend as much in Clinton’s 2nd term ,as they projected in budget, is not really balancing the books except in Washington. National debt did go up during Clinton years, and then REALLY went up in the last 6, and into next 2. And in this administration 2009 to present, there has not been a budget. Just continuing resolutions, like the one we have now until 11 December. Any business or corporation with that kind of budgeting, would find top leaders in jail or prison, with share holders demanding their heads. Foxie must have trembling legs to believe last 6 have and are good leadership. Same goes for others who want to continue with same people

    • Silver Fox

      Frankie – really – budget? – like Bushie worked with a budget – or was it a budget to deep six the economy. Bushie left our nation a total disaster to be pulled up by the boot straps over the past 6 years into something we can once again be proud of. Frankie – get off your high horse and come down to reality. We are way better off today than we were when today’s President & leadership took over from a President you don’t even like to admit was with your party.

      • Frank2525

        Go talk to Duane. He needs some one like you who talks same language.

  • GordonEFinleyPhD

    Why would any man vote Democrat?!

    Gordon E. Finley, Ph.D., & Dianna Thompson have 6 issues for males to consider

    The most presciently under-appreciated and intentionally
    ignored book in gender politics was published by David Paul Kuhn in 2007 and
    titled “The Neglected Voter: White Men and The Democratic Dilemma.” The message is in the title. White men have fled the Democratic Party in droves, for good reason – and why shouldn’t they continue to flee in 2014 — while keeping an eye on 2016?

    For those not afraid of being “bullied” by the Democratic
    left, there are a half dozen long-ignored but critically important problems facing
    the nation’s males that should bring all voting-age men to the polls in 2014 –
    perhaps men’s last chance for hope and change before the ice age possibly
    returns in 2016. Consider six interlocking sets of issues.

    First, ask what have the last two Democratic
    administrations done for boys, men and fathers? Because of “The Woman’s Vote”
    and his powerful feminist base, Democratic President Obama has given us a
    Cabinet-level White House Council on Women and Girls. Despite extensive and
    repeated calls for a gender equivalent White House Council on Men and Boys,
    Democratic President Obama has refused even to consider the multitude of
    problems facing males in today’s economy and society.

    Second, family law reform. An inconvenient truth for the
    Family Law Sections of State Bar Associations and those living off the Domestic
    Violence Industry is that most children of divorce love both of their parents
    and do not want to be separated by law from either of them. If divorced
    fathers, second wives, moms and the voting-age children of divorce band
    together and make their demands known to candidates, 2015 may be the year of
    post-divorce Equal Shared Parenting and the elimination of Permanent Alimony.

    Third, education. The boy-crisis deniers finally have been
    overwhelmed by raw statistical data. The most telling statistic is that in the
    1960s men were awarded about 60 percent of all higher-education degrees, but
    today they are down to about 40 percent. Unsurprisingly, boys and men today
    fare worse on all indices of academic achievement and academic failure than do
    girls and women. Both hope and change are going to be required to reverse this
    trend and return the pendulum to the center.

    Fourth, health. There are a multitude of offices of
    women’s health spread throughout the federal bureaucracy. There are no offices
    of men’s health. Unsurprisingly, men top nine out of 10 of the leading causes
    of death and live about five years less than women.

    Fifth, if men need any more reason to move out of their
    mother’s basements and get off their video games, they need look no further
    than “Affirmative Consent.” California Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown recently
    signed SB 967, popularly known as the “yes means yes” affirmative consent for
    sex on campus bill, followed immediately by Democratic Gov. Cuomo who by fiat
    imposed affirmative consent on his university system – even though data show
    there is no “rape crisis” on the nation’s campuses.

    The heart of the problem is that the affirmative consent
    movement gives total power, control and resources to women in all matters
    sexual while simultaneously denying all due process rights to the accused man
    in campus tribunals. The denial of due process includes the denial of: the
    presumption of innocence, an attorney, cross-examining your accuser and an evidentiary
    standard higher than a coin toss. College men who have been expelled with the
    Scarlet “R” affixed to their transcript have no future.

    The differential impact of SB 967 on California’s sons and
    daughters is horrific and must be replaced by legislation that treats the
    nation’s sons and daughters equally.

    Finally, consider the consequences for men of men not
    voting in 2014. Supposing that men leave everything up to “The Women’s Vote” in
    2014 which would, of course, lead to the progressive wing of the Democratic
    Party gaining ground in both the House and Senate. Such an outcome would
    further grease the skids for the already enshrined leader of the pack for the
    Democratic presidential nomination – Hillary Clinton – with no clear leader of
    the pack on the Republican side.

    Should Hillary win the presidency in 2016, would her
    primary concern be boys, men and fathers?

    Not hardly.

    Men and women who want the leaders of this country to be
    concerned about the issues facing all citizens (including the men and boys in
    their lives) might ask themselves – why vote Democrat in 2014?

    Gordon E. Finley,
    Ph.D., is emeritus professor of psychology at Florida International University.
    Dianna Thompson is a national leading expert on families, stepfamilies and
    divorce related issues. She can be contacted at Both are advisers to the National Coalition for Men.

    • WorkingClass

      Gordon – I’m impressed that you came all the way from the big world of Florida to visit our little Aurora village. I am also impressed with your interest in impressing us working class folks here with your highfalutin emeritus’ness.

      Women make up 41% of our Colorado State Legislature compared to your paltry 25% women making up the Florida State Legislature. Our Federal Legislature is much worse for women. Gordon – the Talaban demand to keep women in their place as do the GOP. We in Colorado treat everyone as equal, men, women, all people of color, race, ethnicity. We want to make sure that the GOP/Talaban do not continue to deny women of equal pay, equal education, equal medical care and the ability to make their own medical decisions as the GOP/Talaban would like to see happen.

      Gordon – keep your highfalutin emeritus’ness in Florida where it belongs.

      • John

        You lost all credibility when you compared the GOP to the Taliban. Democrat politicians have a pretty poor track record when it comes to hiring woman and paying them an equal wage. They also tend to treat women as one issue voters. Udall would be the prime example in this election.

        • WorkingClass

          John, Don’t kid yourself or try to kid me. I’m sure I had zero credibility in your mind. Women earned the right to vote on August 20, 1920 after fighting the conservatives for almost 100 years. Conservatives (ie GOP) continue to hold women down. The fight continues today! The issue is very BIG! Why not put it front and center.