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Police: Teen hurt after street race crash in Aurora

AURORA | One teen has life-threatening injuries and police are searching for a driver who crashed a stolen BMW into the teen’s car during an illegal street race Sunday night, police said.

The crash happened around 11:45 p.m. on Smith Road near Ensenada Street where police say several cars were involved in a large street race.

Police said the Honda Civic was not participating in the race but was headed west on Smith when it tried to make a left turn onto Ensenada. While the Honda was turning, the BMW sedan, which had been stolen Dec. 20 in Denver, tried to pass the Honda and slammed into the vehicle’s passenger side.

Aurora police Lt. Jeff Turner said the Honda wasn’t racing at the time of the crash, but the teen and his passengers had gone there that night to at least watch the races. Police aren’t sure if the vehicle planned to participate in races later on or if it had raced earlier, Turner said.

The juvenile driver of the Honda was seriously hurt and rushed to an area hospital. Police said it isn’t clear whether the boy will survive his injuries. Two passengers in the Honda were also hurt and hospitalized but their injuries appear less serious, police said.

After the crash, the driver and as many as four passengers fled from the BMW, police said.

Turner said the scene was chaotic in the moments after the crash and the few bystanders who remained were focused on the badly mangled Honda. That meant the people in the BMW were able to flee with few witnesses seeing them. Still, Turner said, police believe someone saw the people in the BMW, or knew them.

When officers arrived on the scene, several vehicles sped away, police said.

Turner said the intersection is one of several around the metro area that is used for illegal street races from time to time.

“This is an area where they have done this before and been chased off,” he said.

Police are asking anyone with information about the crash to call Detective Steven Chinn at 303-739-6342.

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