Paul Ryan blasts Obama for negative campaign

LAKEWOOD | Mitt Romney’s running mate is blasting President Barack Obama for running a negative campaign.

Congressman Paul Ryan in Lakewood Tuesday, the presumed GOP vice-presidential candidate

Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan spoke Tuesday in a packed gymnasium at Lakewood High School, his first public appearance in the state since being picked by Romney.

Ryan said Obama can’t run on his record so he’s going negative, adding “We’ve gone from hope and change to attack and blame.”

The fitness buff also talked about going hiking, skiing and fishing in Colorado on vacations.

Romney is spending the day campaigning in Ohio, another key swing state. Romney publicly praised his running mate’s work as necessary to protect the long-term survival of Medicare, the government-run health insurance program for the elderly.

Ryan also held a private fundraiser on Monday in Denver.

  • Hank

    At last we have a candidate, Paul Ryan who has answers and solutions – not just blame!!!

  • reader

    when you get a minute Hank, please let us all know what Paul Ryan’s answers and
    solutions are.

  • imahead

    no gays
    no abortions
    no mediacaid
    no welfare

    might be answers but not sure about solutions…