Man convicted in 2010 slayings

A man police say kidnapped a woman before killing her and her boyfriend in 2010 has been convicted of several charges, including first-degree murder.

Terrence McNeal, 21, was convicted Thursday of killing Tiffany Durst and Terence George. The verdict came down after a two-week trial in Arapahoe County District Court.

Police say McNeal masterminded the slayings because he believed Durst “snitched” on him in a 2008 burglary case. They say with the help of Janelle Harris and Tiera Homes, he kidnapped Durst, threw her in a trunk and strangled her in an Aurora field.

The trio then returned to Durst’s apartment and waited for her boyfriend, George, to return home.

When George walked in, McNeal killed him.

Prosecutors considered seeking the death penalty against McNeal, but announced last fall that they would not.

The first-degree murder convictions mean a mandatory sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole for McNeal.

Prosecutors charged the trio in April 2011, a few days after finding Durst’s body in a field near East Yale Avenue and South Chambers Road. Investigators had been searching for Durst since November when George was found slain in the couple’s apartment near East Mississippi Avenue and South Peoria Street.

Prosecutors said Harris and Homes cooperated with investigators. Homes took a plea deal last year and was sentenced to 32 years in prison. Harris has not taken a plea deal, but prosecutors said in court they were working on one for her, too.

  • Laroi

    Finally, This murderer will never be released from prison. Not only did he destroy the lives of two innocent young people, he destroyed his life and the lives of his two accomplices in the process.

    • Wilda Williams

      IT makes me so sick when someone does this to another human being, I say an eye for an eye, just giving my opinion right mow is all

  • Wilda Williams

    This is just so sad that these 2 young people whose lives were taken way before their time, my heart, thoughts and prayers go out to all the families and friends of the victims, MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND KEEP YOU SAFE I am so sorry for your loss, it breaks my heart when I read anything about a young innocent couple who lost their lives in such a horrible way. MAY GOD KEEP YOU SAFE IN HIS LOVING ARMS, GODSPEED TO YOU ALL☹

  • Toni

    I think. This guy. Who murder this love. Birds. Should have Be the. death penalty. He should be living he killed two innocent people. He do. Deserve to live he need lethal injection

  • ….

    Sad to say… The guy who killed these innocent people is my cousin, he was always real bad as a kid. I knew he was crazy but I honestly didn’t think he would do something like this… It’s truly sad

  • chellebelle

    this is my cousin. and I pray God forgives him of these crimes

    • Carole Durst

      And that was my cousin who he murdered and I know she is in a better place away from people like that

      • YOLANDA


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